[Premiere] TK-33 – Shy

“The release tells about one cycle of reincarnation from a man to a dolphin – about the edge where agony overflows with bliss between…

Catalyst Compilation

Catalyst is the embodiment of Soul Feeder’s wish to empower talented artists from our community by helping their music to reach a wider audience….

SF.MIX.17 – 7777 の天使

New mix by our beloved 7777 の天使 to celebrate the release of their amazing debut album Seven Angels out for Soul Feeder. SF.MIX.17 Tracklist SEMATARY…

[Premiere] Bénédicte – Folia

Folia by Bénédicte is an ethereal head-nodder orchestrated for lovers of the 140 BPM realm and ambient music from Causal Chain‘s upcoming various artists compilation. …