Lila Tirando A Violeta & Sueuga – Residual Self Image

The third collaborative effort between producers Lila Tirando a Violeta and Sueuga sees the two artists effortlessly combining their styles...

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Beatrix Weapons – FINAL ASCENSION

FINAL ASCENSION is the latest album by multidisciplinary artist Beatrix Weapons. Through shattered rhythms, abrasive basses and frenetic...

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Sabiwa – PINK

For her first appearance on Soul Feeder, multidisciplinary artist Sabiwa collaborates with experimental producers Quiemada and Nathan L....

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FARWARMTH – A Blue Wind Is Now

Two years after the acclaimed “Momentary Glow”, FARWARMTH lands on Soul Feeder with a new LP in which he explores the possibility music...

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[Premiere] Aperly High – Work Gel

Aperly High is producer and singer Albert Aagaard Hertz, who makes alternative pop as full of longing and celebration of the extremes of...

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[Premiere] Karlfroye – Here and now

Plus qu’une simple compilation, RUINES est un objet sonore et visuel interrogeant notre rapport au monde contemporain. Après DÉLITEMENT...

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[Premiere] Dave Saved – Present Tense

chant#11: Imaginary Landscapes is the first VA compilation by David August’s imprint featuring KMRU, Yu Su, Kareem Lotfy, Hadj Sameer,...

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[Premiere] Trophie – WG (feat. Antonia XM & Swan Meat)

Experimental pop artist Trophie has just dropped her dark and experimental EP, “Dark City”, which features the villainous club inspired...

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⊹ i am finding beauty in the forgiveness of the mediterranean sun  ҉ a few years ago they shut down the only club in my hometown by...

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SF.MIX.32 – Peggy Viennetta

Dancefloor hardcore euphoria from NXC stalwart Peggy Viennetta SF.MIX.32 Tracklist Groove Coverage & W&W – Moonlight Shadow...

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SF.MIX.31 – Quit Life

Emotional new mix by Soundcloud legends Quit Life SF.MIX.31 Tracklist Quit Life – Eos Above & Beyond – Sun and moon Elphi...

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New iconic mix by Soul Feeder’s overlord and spiritual guide DJ HRISTOS       SF.MIX.29 Tracklist R3NKA ch@n –...

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Soul Feeder with t0ni, 
7777 の天使, DJ GHEPARD, 
um6ra, Dakoi
, Nezpera (LISBON)

Soul Feeder is thrilled to announce its coming back to Lisbon with a special lineup showcasing some of the core members of our collective...

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Soul Feeder with Torus, User2222, olmatri, CYBERMISSION, t0ni, DJ GHEPARD, Sabiwa (BERLIN)

Soul Feeder is happy to announce its first event of 2023 in Berlin with a special lineup showcasing some of the core members of our...

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Soul Feeder with 7777 の天使, t0ni, DJ GHEPARD, leop4rdi, lil rhiz0me, Waltur, rotbrijn (ANTWERP)

Soul Feeder is thrilled to announce its very first party in Antwerp with a special lineup showcasing some of the core members of our...

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  Soul Feeder and DRY are happy to announce their second collaborative event in Berlin at Re:mise. XTRACARE is a love letter to...

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