Best albums of 2019 according to Electronic avantgardeposting™

19. Shlohmo – The End

Minimalistic and soothing beats that might sound simple and boring at a first glimpse but that eventually build up a dreamy and extremely unique world of its own.

By Thomas Borgogni

18. Croatian Amor – Isa

Incorporating all the experiences of the Posh Isolation co-founder, from his early noise solo releases to the works with Lust For YouthIsa is probably the most accomplished and layered Croatian Amor album to date, a challenging work, able to bring into avant-garde the immediacy and accessibility of pop compositions.

By Michele Sinatti

17. E-Saggila – My World My Way

My World My Way lies, unresting, between studio music and live impromptu: a stunning, heavily processed combination of samples, bashing gabba rhythms and industrial soundscapes, that tells a desperate tale about the life in the digital era.

By Michele Sinatti

16. Triad GOD – Triad

Eventually, Triad is a solid work which shows the maturity of Triad God, through the risk he takes in every track and his will to do something new while paying his respect to the traditions of the genre.

By Margherita Rho

15. Tim Hecker – Anoyo

Anoyo is additional proof that Tim Hecker remains one of the most inspired ambient musicians nowadays. Probably this is one of his most accessible works, that features a welcome, slightly more organic and percussive tone, without sacrificing any of the heavy, sustained, an almost distorted weight that has been part of his signature sound.

By Andrea Predieri

14. Lingua Ignota – Caligula

Caligula is an apocalyptic journey: mixing industrial arrangements with symphonical instrumentations and haunting soundscapes, Kristin Hayer delivers one of the rawest albums of the year.

By Alessandro Scatena

13. Giant Swan – Giant Swan

Outstanding duo Giant Swan show their true colours in late 2019 with a debut album full of bangers, with some excellent tracks and with slow segments, giving birth to a hybrid creature between EBM, post-industrial techno and dark ambient. Obsessive and hypnotic at times, sci-fi at others.

By Andrea Alfieri

12. JPEGMAFIA – All My Heroes Are Cornballs

In general, All My Heroes Are Cornballs highlights an evolution in JPEGMAFIA’s music: it is a more cohesive and tidy work compared to Veteran, while being as much raw and positively violent as its predecessor.

By Carlo Casentini

11. Andy Stott – It Should Be Us

In an era when experimental music has embraced extremes, Andy Stott continues to exhibit a balanced, intentionally limited approach. Perfect for malfunctioning car-radio listening, this new album finds him rocking his heels further into the muddy ground he’s made home.

By Patrick Miller

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