Best albums of 2019 according to Electronic avantgardeposting™

10. Caroline Polachek – Pang

One of the hottest and most consistent electro-pop records of the year announced with some of the most iconic tracks of 2019 like “Door” or “Ocean of Tears”, former Chairlift singer is back bigger and better than ever.

By Thomas Borgogni

09. Loraine James – For you and I

For you and I is a compendium of Loraine James influences and creative output, a visual and sonic photography of London where the past and the present are juxtaposed but not exactly overlapped. Another precious stone in the Hyperdub catalogue, and a flawless record to introduce this young and talented producer to a wider audience.

By Lorenzo Montefinese

08. Barker – Utility

Naming his record Utility but making the opposite of Dj tools, he invites us to creatively deploy it as such. Whether you take it as a lush soundtrack for deep listening or as a creative tool for the dancefloor, Utility is as enthralling as they come.

By Lorenzo Montefinese

07. ECCO 2K – E

E is ultimately an outstanding album, substantial both in quality and quantity, consistent with itself and with Ecco’s path so far.

By Margherita Rho

06. Eartheater – Trinity

With an Alex Drewchin in a state of grace, we are gifted with her voice lingering between seduction and yearning. A confirmation of her multifaceted talent in an essential record that is definitely one of the best releases of the year so far.

By Andrea Alfieri

05. Oli XL – Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer

One of the releases with the coolest sound design of the year hands down brought together with outstanding class and expertise with a pinch of genius to it here and there.

By Thomas Borgogni

04. Holly Herndon – PROTO

PROTO requires us to be more receptive and less inquisitive, more open to new forms of hybridization and less attached to stale dichotomies. There are no answers nor easy listening to be found here, but surely we have an art-pop testament of our multifaceted present, heading firmly towards the future.

By Lorenzo Montefinese

03. 100 gecs – 1000 gecs

A record that more than dividing seems to reconcile music fans from extremely different backgrounds, no more metalheads fighting punks out of school or ravers mocking emo kids on their lunch breaks.

By Thomas Borgogni

02. FKA Twigs – Magdalene

With MAGDALENE FKA twigs performs a small miracle, reaching an uneasy balance between content, narrative richness, melodic expressiveness and sound research. It is probably her best work so far, and for sure one of the best albums of the year.

By Francesco Cellino

01. Caterina Barbieri – Ecstatic Computation

Despite her rigorous and almost scientific approach to composition and production, also thanks to her classical background, Caterina Barbieri’s music is anything but cold. On the contrary, with Ecstatic Computation she manages to provoke emotions with music like only few can do.

By Francesco Cellino

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