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“ANIMA” is the first compilation published on Soul Feeder gathering selected works from the core members of its collective and from the artists Soul Feeder has collaborated with from 2020 to 2022.
Featuring tracks by t0ni, DJ GHEPARD, 7777 の天使, DJ Hristos, Europa, FARWARMTH, Kenta204, EPIPHAGI, Oblinof, Montenegro and LAMB the compilation encapsulates the glowing variety of Soul Feeder’s sound, spontaneously crossing the boundaries of music genres in the pursuit of artistic expression and music innovation.

“ANIMA”, which can be translated as “soul” or “spirit”, is here used as a way to express and celebrate the intangible yet solid connections that Soul Feeder has established with these talented artists and music enthusiasts looking for novelty and diversity, who have been supporting the project since its inception. “ANIMA” is a word of bond, meant to show the importance of solidarity, collaboration and unity between artists, collectives, labels and fans, as the core values of every countercultural endeavour happening in our music scene. While our art can be different our souls feel the same.

The album is mastered by DJ GHEPARD and features photography by nezpera and illustration designed and edited by saetern and Swan Palace.

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Last modified: April 19, 2023