“Quexd-Rd/Skin Up You’re Already Dead” the only collaboration beetween AFX and Autechre

aphex twin and autechre

On the 21st July of 2011 Aphex Twin and Autechre have released a white label 12″ composed by two tracks called “Quex-Rd” and “Skin Up You’re Already Dead”. The first one is an Aphex Twin remix of “Who Do You Think You Are” from the 90’s indie pop band Saint Etienne. They were one of the most famous and influent pop band of the decade producing relevant records like “Foxbase Alpha”, “So Tough” or “Tiger Bay”. In 1993 they released a really interesting song titled “Who Do You Think You Are”, where the layering composed by metallic and synthetic claps, soft bass and dancy melodies creates a noisy blend which contrasts the fluffy voices of the two singers.


Cover of aphex twin quexd rd


It’s really incredible how James is able to hold the same original layer in the remix, with deeper bass and the same metallic claps, the pop rhythm of “Who Do You Think You Are” is rearranged in a more complex IDM style. The voices are proposed with an endless loop that leads the listener in an off-time dimension, highlighting the complexity that the English composer reaches.


In May of 1994, Saint Etienne released a track called “Like A Motorway,” which received great appreciation by critics and reached the top #47 on the UK Singles Chart. This time the song is within the classical canons of pop sounds: dancy bass conquer the scene followed by a catchy rhythmic section, heavenly melded with the deep voice of Sarah Cracknell. Skin Up You’re Already Dead” is the Autechre’s reinterpreted it in their remix called “Skin Up You’re Already Dead,” where the French duo crumbles the original song so as to reconstruct the track with IDM sounds. The result is a beautiful 90’s IDM track that reminds the drums of their first albums. During the progression it’s easy to be wrapped in the loop of the dreamy vocal, probably the only original element left in the remix.



This 12″ is a wonderful revival of the whole IDM scene, it gives a sense of nostalgia of those years where electronic music was taking even more precise directions and was able to influence the society in which we live today.

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