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Best albums of 2019 according to Electronic avantgardeposting™

2019 has been a crazy year for our group, growing out of control and having to face new aspects that were never truly predictable. With ups and downs we’re still here though and with now more than 11.000 members our community is more alive than ever before. We’re looking forward to getting everything smoother in 2020 with more moderators, better engagement with the community and more attention in general for hotheads and trolls looking to ruin the experience for everyone.

Let’s start the new year with the right pace by going through the albums we’ve all voted as being the best of the past year. More than 500 members voted and the engagement has been truly outstanding, we’re sure that there will be fights and discussions but it’s impossible to make everybody happy, the people have voted and this is how democracy works. Enjoy!

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30. Air Max ’97 – Falling Not Walking

A collection of four tracks enriched by the collaboration with cutting-edge artists such as LOFT and TSVI, Falling Not Walking represents yet another (brilliant) step further in Air Max ’97’s exploration of eerie yet dance-able rhythms.

By Michele Sinatti

29. Lee Gamble – Exhaust

A further confirmation of the pivotal role played by Gamble in the present experimental electronic scene. This remarkable sound essay will leave you wanting for the next and final segment of this amazing project.

By Andrea Alfieri

28. Lorn – Drown The Traitor Within

A record that is both bouncy, dark and conceptual all at the same time, able to deliver an insane number of amazing ideas through catchy and unique beats, getting the listener overwhelmed in the best possible way.

By Thomas Borgogni

27. Flume – Hi This Is Flume

What Hi This Is Flume conveys is that Flume, making no exceptions ever, can shape in the form of music the sensations you feel on your skin or ears or eyes or whatever.

By Margherita Rho

26. James Blake – Assume Form

Theatrical as always James Blake is able to amuse the listener and take him into his own dimension only by snapping his fingers with unique emotional sensitivity and a wave of sad and overwhelming feelings.

By Thomas Borgogni

25. Rui Ho – In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日

Blending of hard-trance with traditional Chinese music, In Pursuit Of The Sun is a wonderful collection of emotional melodic bangers able to set any dance-floor on fire while striking right through your heart.

By Michele Sinatti

24. Malibu – One Life

One Life is movingly personal: a clearly introspective sentiment pervades the tracks, as suggested by the name of the very first song, “Nana (Like A Star Made For Me)”. The thought we had at the first complete listening session was: this wasn’t made for us, nor for others. This was made for her.

By Margherita Rho

23. Kali Malone – The sacrificial code

A religious experience in its purest form, nothing more nothing less. Music that transcends human nature and is able to get there where only little humans were able to get to.

By Thomas Borgogni

22. Aïsha Devi – S.L.F.

We always knew that Aïsha Devi doesn’t belong to this planet but luckily enough she always comes back to remind us what she is capable of doing. An intense spiritual experience we are blessed to be receiving.

By Thomas Borgogni

21. DJ Armok, DJ Bishop, Pillbox – Dungeon Rap: The Introduction

Merging old-school Norwegian dark ambient and its digital-era progeny, Dungeon MIDI, with underground rap, this compilation manages to create a coarse balance between two worlds that would normally seem incompatible. And without sounding bad at all.

By Michele Sinatti

20. Blanck Mass – Animated Violence Mild

Animate Violence Mild violates your ear with metal-infused rhythms and vocals drowned in post-industrial textures and then seduces you with poppy melodies. It really is the consumerism era translated into music.

By Michele Sinatti

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Last modified: January 12, 2020

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