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It’s been a dense year for electronic music and for Soul Feeder too. Our Electronic avantgardeposting™ community grew in something we never expected it to become and is starting to bring passionate music lovers together from all around the world. We’re trying to engage with everyone through our Eaposting releases, monthly polls and Soul Feeding series and even though sometimes things don’t really work out as we wish they would a lot of these projects have been widely embraced by the entire community. We wanted to crown this whole project with our end of the year chart in the most representative and democratic way possible by making all the members of the group vote for their album of the year and make them decide who better represents “our” music scene. The poll was made on Facebook and there were many annoying restrictions we had to take in count but it all turned out smoother than expected. Almost 500 people voted and we’re definitely satisfied by the response from the community that actively commented and gave us feedback. The results were quite polarizing and the most popular releases received many more votes than the more underground artists but we hope that this list can help people explore and discover the names they previously haven’t had the chance to embrace. Long story short we tried to give everyone the chance to actively shape the chart with less restrictions possible and let the community express itself, you can find the personal entries of our team and our Spotify playlist at the end of the article.
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By Thomas Borgogni


30. Object Blue – REX

Object Blue's REX album cover

A blend of dance-y techno and experimental shades, energetic and metallic. Different points of view not often matching on the dance-floor that Object Blue manages to mix smoothly anyway.

By Andrea Alfieri

29. Sega Bodega – self*care

sega bodega's self*care album cover

Heavy and delicate, pop and visionary, self*care is an eclectic work that you will inevitably end up listening in loop and enjoying, whether you’re raving, making out, or just sitting alone in your room

By Michele Sinatti

28. Toxe – Blinks

toxe's blinks album cover

Layered and immediate at the same time Blinks is the work of an artist that gets more mature with every release and is able to arouse the listener thanks to her amazing skills and terrific melodic instinct.

By Andrea Alfieri

27. Xzavier Stone – Thirst

Xzavier Stone's Thirst album cover

A very sensual record, where R&B flirts with a wide range of genres, like dancehall, Uk bass, and trap, shifting constantly from bright tones to dark tones, seducing your ear track after track, sometimes with delicacy, sometimes with impetus.

By Andrea Alfieri 

26. Kamixlo – King Kami

Kamixlo's King Kami album cover

With his latest fatigue Kamilxo tries to push the Bala Sound’s boundaries even further and, spoiler alert, he nails it.

By Michele Sinatti

25. Kai Whiston – Kai Whiston Bitch

Kai Whiston's Kai Whiston Bitch album cover

Other than being a mature work, one of the most accomplished post-club albums of the year and a perverse pleasure for your ears, Kai Whiston Bitch is also the proof that the punk “f*ck y’all, I’ll do what I want” attitude that marked Kai’s early works is still alive and kicking

By Michele Sinatti

24. Machine Girl – The Ugly Art

The Ugly Art is a work both vicious and visceral and, with its mature combination of acoustic and digital means, its imaginary and contents might be the first real cyber-punk (hardcore) album to date.

By Michele Sinatti

23. Kelman Duran – 13th Month

The continuous alternation of frenzy and reflection is what makes this record so special and precious; the feeling is that Kelman Duran not only managed to equal his first album, but he exceeded it, setting new high standards for the genre.

By Carlo Casentini

22. RP Boo – I’ll Tell You What!

I’ll tell you what! has everything that Juke can offer, from funky beats to dark and evocative moods. A real masterpiece by the guru himself, RP Boo.

By Carlo Casentini

21. Elysia Crampton – Elysia Crampton

Dense and ethereal, psychedelic and hammering Elysia Crampton’s latest fatigue celebrates her creative process and mindset with majestic artistry.

By Thomas Borgogni

20. Puce Mary – The Drought

The Drought is able to keep a constant grip on the listener’s attention and perfectly displays the maturity Puce Mary reached in building and using her musical palette.

By Michele Sinatti

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