Best albums of 2018 by Electronic Avantgardeposting

19. Iglooghost – Clear Tamei

The thin line between insanity and pure genius is hardly perceivable in Iglooghost’s music and Iglooghost is the proof that the two things sometimes come in the same package.

By Thomas Borgogni

18. James Ferraro – Four Pieces for Mirai

James Ferraro's Four Pieces for Mirai album cover

James Ferraro is one of the most unpredictable personalities of the electronic underground scene and never stops to surprise everybody with his extraordinary talent and instinct.

By Thomas Borgogni

17. Against All Logic – 2012 – 2017

Nicolas Jaar is by now considered a living legend by many and never stops to surprise his devout fans by always taking new directions and embracing new soundscapes. This new project is the embodiment of this spirit.

By Thomas Borgogni

16. Marie Davidson – Working Class Woman

Marie Davidson's Working Class Woman album cover

Working Class Woman is a long, inconclusive, ambiguous, multilingual rant, but it sounds so sincere and visceral that you end up worshipping it.

By Francesco Cellino

15. Eartheater – IRISIRI

IRISIRI is an insane melting pot of influences, styles and influences that is so hard to read and identify that it will always keep to impress you forever. The result is shockingly personal and transporting.

By Thomas Borgogni

14. Oklou – The Rites of May

With this stunning new release Oklou is finally getting the attention she deserves and proving the world of her amazing talent thanks to breathtaking tracks and irresistible vocal melodies. Deservedly the sensation of the year.

By Thomas Borgogni

13. Zuli – Terminal

Zuli's Terminal album cover

Despite the numerous collaborations and variations in style, Zuli’s latest fatigue is convincing to the point it sounds wholly refined and never redundant: another proof that he is definitely one of the artists to watch out for in the next few years.

By Francesco Cellino

12. Aïsha Devi – DNA Feelings

Aïsha Devi's DNA Feelings album cover

DNA Feelings is something more than just a music release, it’s a mystical experience that goes beyond human nature and transcends into spirituality and the essence of life itself.

By Thomas Borgogni

11. Autechre – NTS Sessions

A colossal 8-hour-long trip among mechanical and surreal landscapes expressing  Autechre’s complete latest narrative poetry. A suggestive and intimate catalog just for their real fans!

By Giorgio Maali

10. Oneohtrix Point Never – Age Of

Oneohtrix Point Never's Age Of album cover

Oneohtrix Point Never has never searched for the easy solution in his long career but no one expected such an ambitious project from him in 2018. Age Of is able to deliver a completely new theatrical soundscape guiding the listener into Daniel’s mystical word through a new secret door.

By Thomas Borgogni

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