Eurosonic 2018: 10 artists to watch


In about two weeks, the Eurosonic festival will take place in Groningen (17 Jan – 20 Jan). This city-wide showcase festival gives the space to upcoming European artists to prove themselves and earn contracts, festival line-up spots and publicity. In earlier editions, artists such as James Blake, Hozier, George Ezra, Nils Frahm, Bastille, Sam Smith and Royal Blood appeared and thus the festival is seen as one of the most influential diving boards for both mainstream and alternative artists. Naturally, this year’s edition also has a very talented line-up in a wide variety of genres and as we’ll be present at the festival, we’d like to introduce you to 10 artists to keep an eye out on.


Tamino (Belgium):

Genre: Art rock

Sounds like: Jeff Buckley, Balthazar, hints of Radiohead

Tamino is a young Belgian-Egyptian singer whose music is mostly compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley and fellow Belgian band Balthazar, although the inspiration he draws from Radiohead is also obvious. His stunningly beautiful singles Habibi and Cigar were released in the lead-up to his 2017 EP Tamino and showcased his massive talent and eye to detail. 2018 will probably be the year of the release of his first full LP, so keep an eye on this guy.

IAMDDB (United Kingdom):

Genre: Hip-hop

Sounds like: Princess Nokia

IAMDDB is a 21-year-old artist from Manchester and with her singles LEANED OUT and SHADE, she has made some waves in the past year. She mixes audacious, charismatic and braggadocious bangers with smooth and soulful slow burners whilst often adding layers of feminism and social commentary. SHADE is an incredibly catchy and well-performed anthem, but don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. IAMDDB is a multifaceted artist who is very likely to blow up sometime soon. If you’re a fan of artists like Princess Nokia, check her out.


Hearts Hearts (Austria):

Genre: Alternative rock / electronic

Sounds like: A mix of alt-J and Sigur Ros

Hearts Hearts is a band that has been performing and releasing a music for a while. In 2016 they released their first album through the Tomlab label and despite some great music, it didn’t really receive the attention it deserved. As inspirations they cite Sigur Ros, Flying Lotus, the Notwists and Radiohead, although due to the voice of lead singer David Österle, at times the music reminds of alt-J or James Blake on the song I Am In. They haven’t yet been able to find their very own sound but so far, the music has been great and this is a certainly a band to keep on your radar.


Odina (Spain):

Genre: Folk

Sounds like: Female 2007 Bon Iver

The return of lonely cabin-in-the-woods folk is here. After Bon Iver quickly abandoned his For Emma, Forever Ago style, little music could create that same haunting atmosphere as his debut album. Odina, however, can. Whereas her music isn’t yet as appealing as that of Justin Vernon, she has shown sparks of the same talent on songs such as Father and Why’d You Make Me Cry. Her small 2016 EP Broken is a must-listen.

Témé Tan (Belgium):

Genre: Electropop

Sounds like: Dan Croll mixed with African percussion

Coups de Griffe has been on repeat ever since I discovered it earlier this year – the music of Témé Tan has something undeniably catchy. His mix of chill electropop and African elements certainly makes for an interesting and refreshing sound that is certain to leave you chuckling. Due to the fact that he merely sings in French, the odds of an international breakthrough are slim, although artists like Stromae have proved that it is possible. With the increase of prominence of African sounds as showcased for example by the explosion of afrotrap or the Malian music scene, Témé Tan’s rise seems to come at the right time.


Superorganism (United Kingdom):

Genre: Pop/artpop

Sounds like: The catchiest pop you can imagine

Superorganism is an eight-piece band with members from the UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. After their first single Something For Your M.I.N.D. was released in January this year, the band quickly became one of the hottest new bands, appearing on the game FIFA 18 and releasing three new singles throughout the year. On March 2nd, 2018, their self-titled debut album will be released and it’s very likely that the band will only continue to grow both artistically and numerically.


Sonar (Poland):

Genre: Electronic/jazz

Sounds like: Until the Ribbon Breaks, Archy Marshall/King Krule

Based around lead singer Lena Osinska, Sonar is a band based in Warsaw that mixes electronic music with flavors of jazz and triphop. Their debut album, Petle, was released in 2016 and due to its incredibly raw urban aesthetic has put the group on the map in Poland. Certain songs move towards a rap or a pop direction but the group is at its best when it flirts with the underground. Petle, Debutiantki and Peryhelium are fantastic songs that you should definitely check out.


August Rosenbaum (Denmark):

Genre: Jazz/neoclassical

Sounds like: A Final Fantasy soundtrack, Nils Frahm

August Rosenbaum’s music is hard to describe: with his eccentric mix of neoclassicism, jazz and a tiny bit of electronics, it often sounds like the soundtrack of a grand movie. This is the type of music that you’d want to listen to at 3AM with good headphones and your eyes closed, just exploring the depths of your own mind. Even though he’s released several albums and won several Danish prizes, his music remained relatively obscure. And whereas I wish August all the best, at the same time this music is so good that you don’t want to share it.


Dinamarca (Sweden):

Genre: Electronic

Sounds like: Chassol

Dinamarca is a Chilean-Swedish producer that has been on our radar for a little while now. Mixing Latin-American elements with a wide variety of electronic genres, he’s certainly one of the most creative and original artists to perform at Eurosonic. With his crew, STAYCORE, he’s been setting new standards for the European clubscene and the future seems bright for the label. Check out his Boiler Room session below.


Nathy Peluso (Spain):

Genre: Hip-hop

Sounds like: Mick Jenkins, GoldLink

With her thick Argentinean accent, her incredible charisma and the fantastic production of songs like Esmeralda and Alabame, Nathy Peluso has put herself on the map. Her 2017 EP Esmeralda is the perfect blend of lowkey jazzy vibes and a massive “fuck you” vibe through which Nathy navigates with grace and a very strong presence. Also make sure to watch her videos, which are just as interesting as her music and her style.


Lorenzo Senni (Italy):

Genre: Trance

Considering the fact that you’ve probably already heard his name before, we added him as a bonus. Lorenzo Senni is an Italian producer who has built up a strong fan base in the past few years. The self-proclaimed “sadistic scientist” is already signed to the legendary Warp Records and when you listen to his tracks, it doesn’t take much time to realize why. This guy can turn any party or rave into a steamy sauna and if you haven’t checked his music out yet, don’t wait.

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