SOUL FEEDING – BEST OF APRIL – Iglooghost, Bby Eco, S280F, TALPAH…

1 – Iglooghost – Lei Line Eon, Gloo

If “world-building music” is maybe the most inflated expression in the reviews or in the press releases of electronic music during the last 10 years, the FlyLo goblin Iglooghost is definitely the real one to deserve this definition. Four years after the game-changing Neo Wax Bloom, he’s back with ten pieces of Lei Music ( Ten hieratic and evocative folk songs from the future for an album that is hugely representative of these digital Middle Ages.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

2 – Andy Stott – Never The Right Time, Modern Love

Never The Right Time by Andy Stott | Kompakt

The unique style and the personal touch of Andy Stott are always recognizable, and frankly you never get enough of them. In his 8th album, he maintains his slow-tempo dub-techno vibes, where rough sounds are protected by layers of ethereal material. Through the nine tracks, there is an ongoing tension between ambient passages and more sustained beats that never explodes.

(Francesco Cellino)

3 – S280F – 28, i8i

Mysterious producer S280F delivers a fragile, touching work of fleeting beauty. Although divided into nine tracks, 28 feels like an organic whole best experienced fully abandoning oneself to its moving stream of sounds. At times comforting, at times disquieting, always spellbinding, it’s a dense and complex album that masterfully combines modern classical/ambient introspection with sudden bursts of noise and bouncing rhythms. 

(Lorenzo Montefinese)

4 – Osheyack & Nahash – Club Apathy, SVBKVLT

A title like that for four club bangers like these makes the stay-at-home listening experience even more painful after more than a year of repression. Osheyack‘ industrial techno fits so great in the irregular rhythms of Nahash, two SVBKVLT star players for a marriage made in heaven.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)



The new guest of the Italian mind-blowing Clam Pressure melted the psychedelic harsh bouncy which is a trademark of the label with trap rhythms, bearing mega-hits like “Hole”, featuring the MCs Deepho and Deriansky, or the hardcore “Not Funny”.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

6 – Burial + Blackdown – Shock Power of Love EP, KEY SOUND

Having two London legends of this kind together in one record seems too good to be real. Fortunately, Blackdown actually convinced Burial to publish this gem on his label Keysound. Two tracks each make up this EP which shapes their iconic sound between house and dubstep. Burial’s “Space Cadet” recalls the lighter than usual atmospheres of his last single “Chemz”, Blackdown’s break-beat groove instead is ruthless in “Arklight remix”. Both of them sound at their best, definitely an unmissable release.

(Francesco Cellino)

7 – Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles – The Snipe & The ClamEastern Nurseries 

Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles bring so much needed relief from the pressure and anxieties unfolding all over the world. The Snipe & The Clam, released via Portuguese label Eastern Nurseries, gleams with its ethereal ambient built around airy strings, dolent piano notes, solemn drones and an overall soothing atmosphere.

(Lorenzo Montefinese)

8 – Happa – Explorations In Music For Dancing Vol. 2, PT/5 Records

Faithful to its title, Explorations in music for dancing vol.2 sees Happa venturing into mutant jungle-D’n’B lands. “Digital Recall” starts off heavy and direct, “Fever” is a more nuanced, stop’n’go affair; and “No Longer” wraps things up in an evanescent mood, like a soft comedown after a night out.

(Lorenzo Montefinese)


9 – Croatian Amor & Varg2TM – Body Of Content, Posh Isolation

In the follow-up of Body of Carbon, the two musicians rounded up by email an extremely varied group of artists, including Jeuru, LYZZA and Exploited Body. In this fourth album together, the duo explores more musical styles than ever, from trap to alt R’n’B, driving you in a fluid journey where the throughline lies in the unexpected interactions and dialogue with their guests.

(Francesco Cellino)

10 -Bby Eco – Grow!, LUSTRE

Grow! sounds like the record a big chunk of our community was really looking forward to. A smooth, bright and magnificent poppy yet experimental album sounding both like a warm ambient record and a retro pop album. Nothing retro about the soul of this release though, as its core stays super forward-thinking and cutting edge, full of stunning synths and great drum sounds topped by lovely soft vocals.

(Thomas Borgogni)

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