SOUL FEEDING – BEST OF APRIL – Yves Tumor, Lorenzo Senni, BLADEE, Sirens…

  SOUL FEEDING: a list-with-review of the best releases of the month, selected by our editors.


andrea ritorno

Artist: Andrea

Album: Ritorno


The balance between rarefied atmospheres and the intricacy of drum patterns, between emptiness and fullness, makes Ritorno an album to come back to over and over again, just like the waves on a beach.



Artist: Bladee


Label: YEAR0001

EXETER is the umpteenth example of the solid concept that lies in first place under Bladee’s musical vision and in second place under the direction from the label, whose products are each time more aware of the listener’s ultimate needs.



Artist: Bungalovv

Album: Donde Hubo Fuego

Label: Infinite Machine

Despite its characteristic unpredictability, most of Donde Hubo Fuego is very danceable and clearly club-ready. It is packed with injections of energy, and moments of emotional focus. The cautious playfulness on which the album subsists, therefore, gives it a dual purpose – as an excitable and refreshing home listen, and as a collection of eccentric dance tracks.


Farwarmth - Momentary Glow


Album: Momentary Glow

Label: Planet Mu

The geographical and personal references, perhaps more familiar to those who live in a seaside town during the winter, allow memories to resurface in a droning sea like melancholy melodies. An invitation to just close your eyes, and let yourself be lulled by the enveloping flow of sound. 




Album: Fantasy Violence

Label: Ashida Park

Fantasy Violence is a ten-track body of work which finds its place halfway between the dancefloor and an imaginary dimension of evolving aesthetic relations.



Lorenzo Senni - Scacco Matto

Artist: Lorenzo Senni

Album: Scatto Matto

Label: Warp

Scacco Matto is an excellent and enjoyable album, but it’s even more exciting to think of it as a stepping stone towards new sonic territory for the Warp-signed artist.



Luke Slater – Berghain Fünfzehn

Artist: Luke Slater

Album: Berghain Fünfzehn

Label: Ostgut Ton

Berghain Fünfzehn highlights Slater’s ability to put together different bits and pieces, making each track a dynamic environment in which tiny fragments seamlessly merge to create a new entity, constantly morphing.



Minor Science – Second Language

Artist: Minor Science

Album: Second Language

Label: Whities

With Second Language, Minor Science stretches the lines of his brilliant productions. With a shrewd attention to detail and sound design, he makes dance music that sounds different from any other, and experiments with uncommon solutions that define his own personal style.



Menzi – Impazamo

Artist: Menzi

Album: Impazamo

Label: Hakuna Kulala

With Impazamo, Menzi has taken gqom to new, darker territories thanks to intricate sound design and a much darker and forward-thinking orientation. This is yet another proof that the sound of Durban is now more relevant than ever.




Artist: N.A.A.F.I

Album: NAAFI X

Label: N.A.A.F.I

Although the compilation might be less boundary-pushing than some of their bootleg compilations or individual releases, it really emphasizes their strong identity and the high musical standard that they hold themselves to.



Artist: Sirens

Album: Sirens Scrapyard A & B

Label: Sirens

A collection that flows pleasurably, entering both mellow and harsh territories, always leaving the listener with food for thought. Given these premises, Sirens’ future cannot be anything but bright.


Yikii – 月之破滅 ✿ disappear with moonlight

Artist: Yikii

Album: 月之破滅 ✿ disappear with moonlight

Label: Self-Released

月之破滅 ✿ disappear with moonlight sits miles away from the risk of losing spontaneity due to overproduction, but very close to the way we experience our memories.




Artist: Yves Tumor

Album: Heaven to a Tortured Mind

Label: Warp

As a demiurge on Heaven to a Tortured MindYves Tumor intersects visions and soundscapes in a psychedelic vortex. Turning the tables once again, they remain true to themselves but goes beyond all conventions and expectations, succeeding as only the most talented artists do.

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