SOUL FEEDING – BEST OF MARCH – Lyra Pramuk, Chams, Nazar, dj lostboi, migu…

  SOUL FEEDING: a list-with-review of the best releases of the month, selected by our editors.


Artist: Acolytes


Label: Haunter Records

STRESS II is a unique mixture of electronic dirt in which vocal clippings of circle-jerk online discourse and ridden glitch discord mirror a headspace filled with hundreds of conflicting thoughts.


Artist: Chams

Album: L’Âme agit

Label: Abîme

This sincere introspective capacity is what makes L’Âme agit so suggestive and communicative. Chams’ ability in developing a storytelling, exploiting the expressive potential of language and projecting it into an uncommonly fresh musical form, confirms the creativity and talent of this emerging artist, definitely one to keep an eye on in the future

Artist: dj lostboi

Album: the blue stallion

Label: self-released

The power of dj lostboi’s production is ever present in this recent release. Conjuring an emotive listening state whilst allowing the audience to tap into personal memories. the blue stallion is a solid EP; consistent, warm and gushing. It’s rare to find a body of work that evolves the more you listen. This is somewhat lostboi’s signature and I can’t wait to hear more.

Artist: Genot Centre x Quantum Natives

Album: Silent Night XVII

Label: Genote Centre & Quantum Natives

Quantum Natives‘ organizational approach, coupled with Genot Centre’s devotion to the unheard and unclassifiable, ensures that each track on Silent Night XVII is wholly distinct; the compilation is successful as both a showcase of the artists and a cohesive artistic statement.

Artist: jjjacob

Album: Body Without Organs

Label: Sweat Taste

Body Without Organs is not only music, it is the diary of jjjacob’s personal difficulties. With the elegance of a tightrope-walker, he has created a beautiful album without succumbing to the aggressiveness and suffering caused by his physical illness, instead exploring this harshness and making it into music.

Artist: Lyra Pramuk

Album: Fountain

Label: Bedroom Community

Classically-trained, especially in opera, Pramuk takes her background towards a deliberately experimental path: the result is a curious hybrid sound, a post-human, non-binary and mostly wordless language made by complex textures, alternations of baritone and falsetto voices, echo effects and timbres joints.

Artist: migu

Album: The Disappearance of Memories

Label: Rest Now!

The Disappearance of Memories never lacks personality. Excellence between club and avant-garde tasty fruits, the result here is a fresh cocktail made up of dancefloor-oriented bangers as well as introspective and more intimate moments. migu is surely capable of producing a rounded and versatile release, mysterious and pulsating.

Artist: Nazar

Album: Guerrilla

Label: Hyperdub Records

Guerrila gives us all the elements to reflect on how the good old visceral low frequencies which constitute the hardware that move the collective body can interact with the alienation and individuality of the HD interface, to define new paths for the music in these foolish times.

Artist: Obsequies

Album: Carcass

Label: Meine Nacht

The awesome sound design makes Carcass the perfect soundtrack for a foolishly expanded reality. The insanely harsh cut-up of HD noises is made more brutal, by difference, because they are surrounded by soft, bright and floating textures.

Artist: Odete

Album: Water Bender

Label: New Scenary

Odete’s ability to wrap us up in this tragic tale sampling tactile and immensely visceral sounds from her’s hometown, is undeniable. Water Bender is an emotional trip with its finale leaving us cold, wet and alone in the club, proving to be tragically real.

Artist: Serwed

Album: Serwed II

Label: West Mineral Ltd.

Serwed II is not immediate nor easy listening, but if you’re willing to give it a chance and let it grow on you, it will make you feel midway between being awake-and-grounded in reality and feeling dizzy or drifting away with your mind. Like that semiconscious state when you’re sleep deprived and you try to keep on with your daily routine.





As Mies Van Der Rohe works, LESS IS MOOR is a solid structure made of steel and glass and on the inside there is no space for balance or coherence, only rage, rave and sex.





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