SOUL FEEDING – BEST OF MARCH – ZULI, Ecco2K, object blue, Vegyn…

1 – ZULI – All Caps, UIQ

Egyptian producer ZULI lands on Lee Gamble’s UIQ following his acclaimed Terminal album from 2018, and he hits all the right spots once again. All Caps is a no-frills six-tracker in which ZULI unleashes his rawest and toughest side. Fancy slightly lo-fi junglistic affairs? Got it. Footwork-ish workout maybe? There you go. Bass music hybrids with no unifying feature apart that of overflowing with hyperkinetic rhythms and a bold, no-fucks-given attitude? Then All Caps is a mandatory listen. Blast it in your home setup or in your headphone, and you’ll temporarily forget clubs have been closed for one year.

(Lorenzo Montefinese)

2 – Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises, Luaka Bop

Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders/London Symphony Orchestra: Promises (Luaka Bop)

Ok, you got Pharoah Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra, you simply can’t fuck up and the masterpiece is around the corner, but here Floating Points works as an architect and makes an instant classic of contemporary music.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

3 – Ecco2K – PXE, YEAR0001

Ecco2k - PXE Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

Good things always come in small packages, and the latest EP from drain gang collective’s member Ecco2K is no exception: in just ten minutes he combines autotuned melodies, guitar riffs and fancy synthetic tunes, looking for experimentation off the beaten path. Thumbs up for the cool manga-style accompanying visuals too.

(Francesco Cellino)


4 – Vegyn – Like a Good Old Friend, PLZ Make It Ruins

Moving from improvisations at the piano collected during the pandemic year, in this new EP the London producer and longtime collaborator of world-famous pop stars (including Frank Ocean and Travis Scott) deconstructs bright house beats with surprising changes in speed and structure. The opener “I See You Sometimes” with the distorted vocals of Jeshi over a fall of fluffy sounds is a perfect match.

(Francesco Cellino)

5 – Abîme  – Vertige II, Abîme

The second installment of the Vertige compilation offers to the listener a collection of more aggressive tunes, if compared to its predecessor, while still keeping diversity at its core.  Side by side, in fact, we found Chams spitting on emo beats, Slikback setting the dance floor on fire with manic drum patterns while Fauness melts our hearts with a hyper pop ballad. Vertige II is much more than a simple catalog: it’s an exploration of the different shapes electronic music takes in the mind of producers and artists coming from all over the world.

(Michele Sinatti)

6 – oxhy – woodland dance, xquisite releases

It’s hard to tell if woodland dance is a collection of ambient and dark ambient tunes so groovy that they end up sounding like empty beats, or a collection of empty beats flirting with ambient and dark ambient music. What is safe to say is that oxhy has crafted a serious gem, with a visceral sound design and a mesmerizing flow, enriched by the featuring of top-notch artists such as Dæmon and Thoom

(Michele Sinatti)

7 – Maya Crux – Zero zeroself-released

Nu metal never dies. Trap rhythms, minimal riffs with rough guitars and a tormented voice which brings back that immortal aesthetic from the early 2000s.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

8 – Ciro Vitiello – now we’re just pieces of steel, a data whisper, AUGHT / VOID

Another touching piece of raw and deeply emotional deconstructed rave music from Southern Italy from Ciro Vitiello, following late 2019 gem “I’ll take you into the guard rail”.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

9 – object blue – Grotto, TT

blue’s follow-up to the excellent Do you plan to end a siege? is a deep dive into a sonic reality both majestic and unsettling, made of lush vocal synths, hectic alien textures and trance-infused leads. If you needed yet another proof that object blue is one of the most promising artists out there, Grotto is here for you to listen.

(Michele Sinatti)

10 – Sunareht – Amorama, Paradoxe Club

With its glitchy avant-house style, Amorama takes the distance from all the dystopian cliches, both in terms of sound and atmospheres, conveying a jolly (and refreshing) curiosity that evokes the late 70’s psychedelic sci-fi adventures. A kaleidoscopic work that explores how we experience and express emotion in the (post)internet era.

(Michele Sinatti)  

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