SOUL FEEDING – BEST OF JUNE – Arca, Space Afrika, trngs, Alva Noto…

  SOUL FEEDING: a list-with-review of the best releases of the month, selected by our editors.


Artist: adammmmmmmmmmmm

Album: ok im real i think

Label: Genot Centre

adammmmmmmmmmmm’s second full length album meets both the musical and social needs of the contemporary listener. It’s able to explore a significant range of the infinite possibilities of sound experimentation while keeping the tone engaging and enjoyable.

adammmmmmmmmmmm - ok im real i think

ALVA NOTO - Xerrox, Vol. 4 - BoomkatArtist: Alva Noto

Album: Xerror ,Vol. 4

Label: NOTON

The sound material selected by Alva Noto is absolutely harmonic, with dreamy strings and soothing piano phrases. It is music made by soft shapes, where everything flows in an ongoing, uninterrupted flux without excessive dissonance.

Alva Noto - Xerror ,Vol. 4

Arca - KiCk i - BoomkatArtist: Arca

Album: KiCk i

Label: XL Recordings

By the end of the record, Arca has moved through so many different soundscapes that could make someone feel confused or destabilized. But nevertheless, her volcanic ability to push forward new ideas and to innovate musically as only a very few can do is remarkable.

Arca - KiCk i

Artist: Croatian Amor

Album: All In The Same Breath

Label: Posh Isolation

All In The Same Breath shows one of Croatian Amor’ many sides, one made of wonder, composure and pure light.


Croatian Amor - All In The Same Breath

Artist: Gábor Lázár

Album: Source

Label: Planet Mu

At first listen, the tracks on Source are not easy to digest and might sound like the same (complex) loop over and over, but listen closely and you’ll hear tiny variations and details which shimmer and witness Gábor Lázár’s creative genius.

Gábor Lázár - Source

Artist: Hyperdub/Adult Swim

Album: Stimulus Swim

Label: Hyperdub Records

Fortunately, Stimulus Swim doesn’t need much to be said about it, beyond an announcement of its worth and something to convince would-be listeners/buyers.

Hyperdub/Adult Swim - Stimulus Swim

Artist: Roly Porter

Album: Kistaven

Label: Subtext Recordings

Kistvaen is built upon field recordings made on site, which makes it a site-specific work; ultimately, though, it trespasses the physical and conceptual boundaries of its genesis to become a universal sonic meditation. In the words of the press release, “this is otherworldly sonic necromancy”.

adammmmmmmmmmmm - ok im real i think

Artist: Space Afrika

Album: hybtwibt?

Label: self-released

The title and content of hybtwibt? speaks directly to this impulse toward self-containment and self-worship by placing the listener in a space built for confrontational empathy: “Have you been through what I’ve been through? Do you have any idea what is it to live in my body, to experience this life as I have?”

adammmmmmmmmmmm - ok im real i think

Artist: trngs

Album: Procedural World – 2​,​008 Children

Label: 60NICE

A lot of collective time, energy and love has clearly gone into this release and created a beautiful album which lets trngs’ work shine. It’s an exciting first for 60NICE as well as a major addition to trngs’ growing body of work.

adammmmmmmmmmmm - ok im real i think
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