SOUL FEEDING – BEST OF SEPTEMBER – Jpegmafia, Barker, Loraine James, M.E.S.H., Klein …

  SOUL FEEDING: a list-with-review of the best releases of the month, selected by our editors.



Risultati immagini per barker utility


Artist: Barker

Album: Utility

Label: Ostgut Ton

Barker is a sorcerer, an alchemist who materializes new elements fusing what’s already familiar. Naming his record Utility but making the opposite of Dj tools, he invites us to creatively deploy it as such. Whether you take it as a lush soundtrack for deep listening or as a creative tool for the dancefloor, Utility is as enthralling as they come.



Risultati immagini per boy harsher country girl uncut


Artist: Boy Harsher

Album: Country Girl Uncut

Label: Ascetic House

Less meek than Careful, more skeletal and immersive, despite not sailing through waters unknown, Country Gril Uncut  it still delivers and feels even more urgent during their live sets.  Surely one of their best releases and recommended if in the mood for dancing low key vehemently.



Risultati immagini per florentino contrbando


Artists: Florentino

Album: Contrabando

Label: Mixpak

It is evident that there’s a constantly ongoing project of experimentation plus a deep study of a genre that is worldly renowned as popular but that, when sapiently kneaded, is able to touch more fluid categories and reach different interpretations. If you’re in need of some good quality Latin vibes, Contrabando is the album of your desires.


Risultati immagini per xyz gloo


Artist: Iglooghost, BABii and Kai Whiston

Album: XYZ

Label: GLOO

To conclude, if you forget about the not-so-perfect collaboration thing, this is a 10/10 album: in front of the masterful Aphex Twin (Alberto Balsalm) sample in Teef Chizzel it cannot be done otherwise. The all album is so good, creative and futuristic: it looks like an alien language. It’s abstract but still feels deliberate. Probably the most unique type of electronic music you can get to hear this autumn.



Risultati immagini per jpegmafia all my heroes are cornballs



Album: All My Heroes Are Cornballs

Label:  EQT Recordings, LLC

In general, All My Heroes Are Cornballs highlights an evolution in JPEGMAFIA’s music: it is a more cohesive and tidy work compared to Veteran, while being as much raw and positively violent as its predecessor. JPEGMAFIA bares his tumultuous mind and radical soul to his listeners in this album, leading us to believe that yes, we think we know you now, Peggy. Maybe.



Risultati immagini per klein lifetime


Artist: Klein

Album: Lifetime

Label: Ijn Inc.

By taking sound material she found herself in contact with and reworking it, Klein pastes it in her collages following an inscrutable narrative logic and gives it a new meaning. That’s why, although each track has its own completeness in itself, Lifetime can be seen as a sort of introspective diary – as Klein herself explained.



Risultati immagini per loraine james for you and I


Artist: Loraine James

Album: For You and I

Label: Hyperdub Records

For you and I is a compendium of Loraine James influences and creative output, a visual and sonic photography of London where the past and the present are juxtaposed but not exactly overlapped. Another precious stone in the Hyperdub catalogue, and a flawless record to introduce this young and talented producer to a wider audience.



Risultati immagini per Hart...Aber Fair! mesh


Artist: M.E.S.H.

Album: Hart…Aber Fair!

Label: Janus Berlin

M.E.S.H.’s last fatigue embodies an important moment in his career as an artist: rather than creating ex novo and moving forward to new ideas, it looks like with this chapter he felt the necessity to stop and reflect on what he has achieved up to now.



Risultati immagini per w00dy my diary


Artist: W00dy

Album: My Diary

Label: Self-released

While plenty of dance weirdoes have repurposed the vocabulary of club music for their own use, W00dy’s freakishly exciting dance hybrids stand in a realm of their own. I hope you have the chance to put this album on at an intense volume and flail madly along to it.



Risultati immagini per xin melts into love


Artist: xin

Album: Melts into Love

Label: Subtext Recordings

xin’s debut album, Melts into Love, repurposes the tropes of abrasive genres like dubstep, hardcore, and d’n’b to bewildering effect. These ten interlocked compositions accentuate the physical impact of the referenced genres while dissolving the grids and structures that anchor them.



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