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1 – DAISY MORTEM – Fausse nouvelle, self-released

If someone would ask me if witch house is still relevant as a genre these days I will definitely suggest they listen to Fausse Nouvelle, the latest fatigue of the Bordeaux duo known as DAISY MORTEM.The album could be in fact described as a series of blends between witch house (and darkwave) and other musical styles, such as dancehall, wonky, deconstructed club, jersey club and even hyperpop. Resulting from this mixture is a shapeshifting work, where the digital synths of witch house come back to life once again, possessing new rhythms and casting over each track their unmistakable gloom.

(Michele Sinatti)

2 – Skee Mask – Pool, ILIAN TAPE

In case you still had doubts, now there’s no arguing: Skee Mask is a top-tier contemporary electronic musician. Pool, his third album, confirms his status and unfolds showing his broad sound palette at maximum power. Across 18 tracks, Ilian Tape’s wonder man navigates effortlessly through genres, styles and tempos, crafting a monumental work that is a must-listen for any fan of IDM, breakbeat and ambient-tinged junglism.

(Lorenzo Montefinese)


3 – Giant Claw – Mirror Guide, Orange Milk Records

Founder, alongside Seth Graham, of the fundamental label Orange Milk, which greatly contributed to change the sound of Electronic Avantgarde during the last decade, Keith Rankin AKA Giant Claw is back with another incredible record. Able to both remain in the wake of the digital medieval prog dear to Daniel Lopatin and to define his own aesthetic, as he always did, with Mirror Guide Rankin plays with the minimal acoustic arrangements made of strings and horns by completely derailing them with chaotic and unpredictable explosions, like frenetic and continuous flashes of this mad and childish virtual reality dipped in a quiet, fabulous place, constantly turning the head to another direction. The infantile and disturbing voice of NTsKi and the angelic one of Tamar Kamin contribute to define this alienating paradise.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

4 – Pixelord99%, Hyperboloid Records

Russian producer Pixelord releases this month his sixth album, declaring it will be the last one under this moniker. Like a testament at the end of a phase, 99% summarizes the artist’s taste and influences, offering a powerful mixture of jungle and IDM: the title recalls that there is a 1% missing to perfection, but it remains a cool and enjoyable collection of deconstructed D’n’B bangers.

(Francesco Cellino)


5 – Tony Turbo  – Visions Of Pt1, self-released

A super trippy Space Odyssey-sounding release full of stunning synths and powerful drum beats, ranging from emotional laid-back tracks to ethereal yet punchy bangers. Tony Turbo‘s work is definitely under-appreciated right now and highly deserves a place in the best albums of the month.

(Thomas Borgogni)



6 – bladee – the fool, Year0001

Bladee - The Fool Lyrics and Tracklist | GeniusMaybe it’s just a suggestion given by the recent remix of “Drama” by Bladee & Mechatok with the voice of Charli XCX, but it seems like the usual formula of trance ecstatic melodies and trap beat that makes the Swedish artist so prolific and on the wave is not just always the same but it necessarily is tending to pure pop conception. Just listen to his clean and on-tune voice on “Hotel Breakfast” and you’ll get it.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)



7 – Little Snake – A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architec, Brainfeeder

Little Snake: A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect (Kritik & Stream) - Musikexpress

The debut album the Canadian producer Gino Serpentini AKA Little Snake, faithful disciple of Flying Lotus, is out now on Brainfeeder. It is the pivotal point of his inimitable deconstructed club music style, refined to the point of making you think that Little Snake is actually a veteran, like Amon Tobin and, of course, FlyLo, who are featured on the album alongside newcomers like SABROI, Tutara Peak and Shrimpnose.

(Giovanni De Scisciolo)

8 – Scotch Rolex – TEWARI, HAKUNA KULALA

Japan-meets-Uganda via Berlin. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It actually does sound cool, as anyone who’s heard TEWARI can tell you. Legend has it that veteran DJ Scotch Egg flew to Kampala for a residency at Nyege Nyege, where he got in touch with artists orbiting around the Ugandan festival. Locking himself in the studio, sporting a new moniker, and sharing time/ideas with Hakuna Kulala/Nyege Nyege all-stars, Scotch Rolex gave birth to TEWARI, a terrific mix of trap, grindcore, industrial and mutant beats that will have you play it on repeat for days.

(Lorenzo Montefinese)

9 – TIBSLC – Delusive Tongue Shifts -Situation Based Compositions, sferic

TIBSLC - Delusive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions (sferic009)[Preview] by sferic

The always reliable sferic label keeps publishing EOTY chart material at an astounding pace, given the quality of each release on the Mancunian label. Their may’21 offering is Delusive Tongue Shifts – Situation Based Compositions by TIBSLC, an album full of fragile beauty and quiet soundscapes. Verging on the glitchier, electroacoustic side of ambient music, this album is the perfect soundtrack for nature trips in the countryside or seaside, or for your lazy Saturday-afternoons-Sunday-mornings at home reading a book and trying to get your cat’s attention.

(Lorenzo Montefinese)


10 -Doss4 New Hit Songs, LuckyMe

Enigmatic producer and internet legend Doss returns this month with an explosive EP that’s worth the waiting. The tracks of “4 New Hit Songs are a quick but remarkable journey through PC-music style post-EDM songs, dreamy house tunes and shoegaze roughness. Greatly combining pumped-up bubblegum pop and a funny electronic extravaganza, she finds a balance between the vibrancy of the clubs and the intimacy of a brokenhearted confession.

(Francesco Cellino)

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