Top 25 Tracks of 2017


Albums have always been the fundamental unit of measurement in music but its the songs and the “hits” that most of the time really characterise a year or a decade. For this reason in such an extraordinary and varied music landscape we’ve decided to follow our best albums chart with a selection of our favorite songs of the year too. To do so we’ve chosen some of the tunes that marked special transition points of our last 12 months and also reflect at best the musical taste of our editors. The following are songs that have surprised us, songs that made us discuss and singles that made us particularly look forward to hearing specific records. Some eventually ended up being lone gems, others managed to keep pace enriched by the rest of the album that supported and enriched them. Our main purpose was to stick to the very best of the year by reducing the number of tracks to only 25 songs, trying not to renounce to some extra surprises we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Check out all of our favourite tracks of the year on our Spotify playlist.

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Here’s what came out:

25. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Andata (Oneohtrix Point Never Rework)

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s new record got everyone moved and looking backwards on his amazing career, what we didn’t expect was a whole new album of remixes by some of the best producers of our time. Oneohtrix Point Never’s one particularly blew our mind.

24. Corbin – ICE BOY

One of the most shocking surprises of the year was Spooky Black’s impressive vocal delivery over Shohmo’s reinvented production style. One of the most emotive and touching songs of the year.

23. Iglooghost – Bug Thief

Confused, chaotic and eccentric, this is the fulcrum of Iglooghost’s work. What most of the time is lacking on his songs is an understandable fil rouge. Here’s a track that is finally comprehensible for human beings too.

22. Zola Jesus – Soak

After a couple of inconsistent records and some only halfway convincing records the dark princess is back and Soak is one of the best tracks she’s ever been able to write. “You should know I would never let you down”.

 21. Fleet Foxes – Third of May / Ōdaigaha

In a year were many music listeners and critics have declared the death of “guitar played” music Fleet Foxes delivered us one of the most poetic and sensational folk records of our time. Here’s one of the best takes off their last LP, start from this beautiful ballad and we’re sure you’ll want to hear the rest.

20. Sinjin Hawke – They Can’t Love You

What often seems missing on many UK Bass performances is a human touch, something able to create a more intimate connection with the listener. This is were Sinjin Hawke’s work is most impressive with his stunning vocal samples and his amazingly emotional song structure.

19. Burial – Rodent

Burial’s latest moves left fans confused and divided. From him bouncing from a label to another to his change of genres on each track it’s hard to understand what’s going on in the head of one of the most mysterious producers of all time. One thing is sure though, he is still able to deliver some amazing tunes and Rodent stands here as a reminder of that.

18. Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan)

Gorillaz’s best track in a long time made possible by the surprising and incredibly well played featuring of one of Dancehall’s hottest name. The whole track is both aggressive and laid back in a powerful mixture of feelings. What to say of Damon’s performance in the second half of the song? Definitely one of his more convincing and emotional vocal deliveries on the whole record.

(More songs on our Spotify Playlist.)

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