Com Truise – Iteration Album Review

Iteration might not speak completely to your heart, but sometimes it’s nice to experience a new acquaintance...

Ghostly International

 June 16, 2017


A man is sitting in a strip club drinking whisky, in the meantime, a woman with a staggering neckline is seeking attention from a man who has never loved her, while a boy is getting high in some suburban nook all alone. Suddenly, a shot disrupt the darkness, like a firework snapping the endless silence of the night. Mix an 80s soundtrack with some blue lights and you have the perfect intro for a vintage thriller: there’s the opening track of this album.

Of your Fake Dimension” is the first track of the new album “Iteration” by the producer and designer Seth Haley, otherwise known as Com Truise. The artist focuses majorly on synth-wave sounds creating a surrounding effect that perfectly evokes a 1980s thriller. His first appearance in the music scene was first made with the EP Cyanide Sisters released in 2010. Since then his music beats have refined and become even more melodic. His first acclaimed album Galactic Melt, is the journey of a robot astronaut to unknown galaxies and forgotten planets, struggling to find his way back home.

Although Iteration appears to be a light weighted, danceable album, it really isn’t so. Com Truise carries us through unknown pleasures with a hint of nostalgia. He managed to accomplish his goal, the album does really take us back to an astonishing journey in a past life, even though this time something has changed, it feels like we are getting closer to home. Therefore the story of this weird astronaut becomes our personal journey through the struggles of life.

Tracks like Ephemeron and Dryswch evoke even a deeper melancholia, while giving you the feeling of being in 3D videogame with robotic tempos. While Ternarny is really like a light at the end of the tunnel, it gives us hope, spurring us to go even further. But the question here is, what’s the point to keep travelling? Sometimes it’s easy just to give up. This album is kind of a reminder of what difficulties end up being: challenges that make you want the end prize even more.

Iteration might not speak completely to your heart, but sometimes it’s nice to experience a new acquaintance, a meaningless life time experience that will soon finish without even realising it.

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