Filastine & Nova – Drapetomania Album Review

Very Good

Post World Industries

 May 28, 2017


As World Music keeps being crucial in contemporary music experimentation, more and more artists try to join this current, very often without memorable results.

This is not the case of Filastine & Nova. The duo, composed of Grey Filastine, well-known Barcelona based producer, and Nova Ruth, indonesian neo-soul singer, managed to give a totally new turn to the genre with their new album, Drapetomania.

Their exploration moved both through musical and geographical borders, as they recorded in improvised studios around the world, from a village in the middle of the Sahara desert, to a cell in the infamous Calais Jungle. The result is a dark and rough point of view on World Music, that exceeds the mere tribal and joyful rhythms that usually characterize contemporary releases of the genre. Drapetomania is a conscious view on a puzzling and uncertain world, as in the Abandon series, four powerful tracks (part of the album) that depict emancipation from work in very different environments. This is another key point in understanding Filastine and Nova’s work: they don’t focus only on third world, as an isolated grim reality. They instead look at the world in its entirety, contextualizing and comparing the mundane struggles of the contemporary individual.

This new conception of world music is reflected in Drapetomania’s sound and aesthetic. The whole album is a mix of various genres, from north african traditional rhythms to rough trap, embracing sonorities from all the places Filastine and Nova visited in their ascetic tour.

Summarizing Drapetomania is a solid work, being really genuine in its imperfections, that are what really define its identity: a tormented journey through humanity.

Listen to the full album on Spotify:

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