Four Years Ago Death Grips Rocked The Record Labels

Exactly four years ago Death Grips have delivered a strong message to the record companies releasing their album NO LOVE DEEP WEB for free download, after they have seriously discussed with their record label.



Sacramento’s band finished NO LOVE DEEP WEB in advance but the label denied them its publication, since only a few months earlier they released their record The Money Store and a new release would have reduced its sales.


So drummer Zach Hill has made the picture of his penis and put it as a cover image. They then released the track listing and told fans to stay tuned for midnight on October 1. On the next day the band self-released the album through SoundCloud, and various filesharing services. NO LOVE DEEP WEB surpassed BitTorrent’s “List of Most Legally Downloaded Music” with 34,151,432 downloads. In an interview for Pitchfork they admitted they have a cause of 20 million with the record company.




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