Iglooghost, Kai Whiston, BABii – XYZ Review

Iglooghost is one of the hardest artists to write about in the electronic music scene: he is truly appreciated for his indisputable talent, but more often not completely understood and sincerely loved. “His music is too varied”, is the classic comment you’ll hear plenty of times. It’s even harder to write about him when he publishes a collaborative album such as XYZ, with his friends Kai Whiston and BABii.

The difficulty lies in the question: “is this really a collaborative album?” The answer is both yes and no. XYZ’s sound is so associable to Iglooghost that an half-interested listener may think he is the only producer behind this work; on the other side, Kai Whiston’s and BABii’s contribution is fundamental to give order and cohesion to Iglooghost’s extremely eclectic way of composing. The basses are harder, the vocals are a true quality added value, but in the end, aesthetically, XYZ sounds too much Iglooghost and too little like Kai Whiston and BABii. More than a collaborative album is a compromise album in which Iglooghost’s charisma is the master.

Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the finest works released this September, the track Lux, with its unique and creative sound is a clear example of that. Mau Shit and Lamb too incarnates what it means to be a true pioneeristic and innovative producer, but still, Iglooghost’s beautiful mystical synth passages cloud the buzzing raging explosive Whiston style banger and BABBii’s vocals embellishments.

To conclude, if you forget about the not-so-perfect collaboration thing, this is a 10/10 album: in front of the masterful Aphex Twin (Alberto Balsalm) sample in Teef Chizzel it cannot be otherwise. The entire album is so good, creative and futuristic: it looks like an alien language. It’s abstract but still feels deliberate. Probably the most unique type of electronic music you can get to hear this autumn.

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