About Us




Soul Feeder is an online platform promoting the best music from the underground electronic music scene. Founded in 2016, the project has now grown into a 360 degrees service featuring a webzine, a Youtube and a Soundcloud channel, providing a complete coverage around the web. Soul Feeder is the response to the drastic changes the music industry suffered after the introduction of streaming services. The new climate has turned labels into inefficient means to distribute music and many of them have now lost their influence. The final goal of Soul Feeder is to make it easier for artists to get their music out there through its streaming channels, its “SF Connect” booking platform and a series of club parties held by the Soul Feeder team called “Index”.




The Facebook group “Electronic avantgardeposting” was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown into an active, welcoming and passionate community, now counting more than 8000 members. The project is now a point of reference in the field of forward-thinking music, and it engages its members through a series of “Eaposting” compilations showcasing the best emerging artists within the community. The group also features a monthly poll with the best releases of the month as voted by its members, and stands out as an online space where people can share and discuss their interests and points of view on everything that is music-related.





Index is the tangible expression of a global artistic network brought together by Soul Feeder with the aim of merging local scenes with the international underground community, always in the name of avant-garde. The entire project consists in a series of live shows and DJ sets promoting both artists from the Soul Feeder collective and producers coming from the Electronic avantgardeposting™ community thanks to the aim of SF Connect, giving the best possible opportunities to our entire roster.