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Soul Feeder is an online platform, label and collective, founded in 2016 with the goal of empowering artists by connecting the diverse sounds, expressions and identities that inhabit the electronic underground landscape of the post-internet era. Its effort saw the creation of a webzine and a vibrant online community interacting with each other by linking fans and artists.




The Facebook group “Electronic avantgardeposting” was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown into an active, welcoming and passionate community, now counting more than 14.000 members. The project is now a point of reference in the field of forward-thinking music, and it engages its members through a series of “Eaposting” compilations showcasing the best emerging artists within the community. The group also features a monthly poll with the best releases of the month as voted by its members, and stands out as an online space where people can share and discuss their interests and points of view on everything that is music-related.

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Last modified: August 13, 2022

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