M.E.S.H. – Hart​.​.​. Aber Fair! Review

M.E.S.H.’s new release Hart​.​.​. Aber Fair! is more than an album, it’s an autobiography. In fact, this new work doesn’t collect his newest material but covers some of the tracks he’s recorded between 2013 and 2019. M.E.S.H. arrived in Berlin ten years ago and this album perfectly discloses the path he covered while in Germany’s capital. The importance of this release lies in the fact that this is M.E.S.H.’s first outing on Janus, although he’s played a vital role in establishing the label’s (and the entire Berlin experimental club scene’s) sound—not to mention he’s been a resident at the party since its inception.

Hart​.​.​. Aber Fair! recalls old tracks in order to push the producer’s style in yet another new direction, melding the cavernous, complex sounds and dense narratives of his previous works with the more direct, post-EBM grooves he has explored on his recent one-off singles and DJ sets.

The album’s rhythm clearly reflects this development: Hart​.​.​. Aber Fair! has in fact tracks that might be difficult to play during a party, due to their complexity and slow rhythm, but, at the same time, is not a niche work. On the contrary, it’s highly accessible also to not “educated” listeners, enrapturing them with “Verletzte”’s urban-tribal groove, or the horror-film atmosphere of “Antechamber”. “Undine is the most creative track of Hart​.​.​. Aber Fair!: with its metallic and oriental tones suggesting the noises of a steam-punk laboratory in Japan. “Rüstung”, a personal favorite, with an excellent balance between power and introspection, perfectly captures the work’s soul.

M.E.S.H.’s last fatigue embodies an important moment in his career as an artist: rather than creating ex novo and moving forward to new ideas, it looks like with this chapter he felt the necessity to stop and reflect on what he has achieved up to now.

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