SF.MIX.07 – Loraine James

Loraine James’s name continues to pop up everywhere in the underground music scene and there definitely is a reason for this. We loved her latest release Button Mashing which you should definitely go check and we are extremely proud to host her on our mix series. A journey inside some stunning unreleased tracks by her and other gorgeous tunes to better appreciate all of her imaginary.

“This mix is all about experimental tracks I’ve recently found, mixed with some new music from myself. It’s all about having a good time.”

SF.MIX.07 Tracklist

Loraine James – Unreleased
La Leif – Kyoto
hmurd – shepard’s delight
Loraine James – Lost My Train of Thought
Jasper Javis – Trauma
Pixelord – Machina
S Olbricht – Floa1
Loraine James – Unreleased

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