SF.MIX.12 – Idklang

Our team and Idklang had the opportunity to meet exactly one year ago just after the release of our Eaposting 3 compilation featuring his stunning track Duchess as opening track. Since then Idklang’s artistic path has gone a long way with a couple of exceptional releases and a sensational Nirvana Rework . Getting to know Markus and his art in a deeper way led us to ask him for this mix in order to explore his background and deeper appreciate his extremely powerful music. We’re extremely proud of having him as our host and hope you all grasp this mix as a chance to get to know him better as well. Enjoy!

By his own words:

This is a summer mix, finished on a greek island in October

Music for dancefloors and protest marches

Does time exist outside a black hole
Love found and lost
Revolution is inevitable
Hike back to ZegaZn
Never stop dreaming
We should’ve gotten the snake tattoo
Hey you, big mood, guide me to shelter

SF.MIX.12 Tracklist

Skáphe + Wormlust – Þeógónía
Soda Plains x (Xzavier Stone x Richelle x SInjin Hawke) – ALL BLACK SHAKOT (Yantan Ministry edit)
Salem – King Night
Koopsta Knicca – Purple Thang
Noite e Dia – Lhe Avança (Prod. Dj Aka M)
Britney Spears x TSVI – Cobra’s Dance Till The World Ends (IDKLANG Blend)
Wristboi – Goyo
The Second Coming of Himera – COMING UNDONE X GHOST VOICES
Jensen Interceptor – Uk Storage Unit
Mechatok x Rihanna – Where Have You Been All My Time (Arxangel Vocal Edit)
ARAEL_DeathGrips – K L I N K
Le Dom – Blossom
ST4RT TH3 D4NC3 – Lokane x Prodigy (AGGRO BLEND)
Kilbourne – Evnika
Wasted Penguinz – Follow Your Dreamz (original mix)
quest?onmarc – Turbulence
HDMIRROR – Channel
FAKETHIAS – Epinephrine
Refused – Rather be dead
Osheyack – Untitled 6
Avbvrn – Truncated
Slikback & Hyph11E – SHIMIAN
Side Project – Is Techno That Serious
Dis Fig – WHY
Eartheater – Preservation
Death Grips – Come Up and Get Me (Instrumental)
Deftones – My Own Summer (IDKLANG Downgrade)

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