SF.MIX.20 – Happy New Tears

Enchanting and magical new mix by Happy New Tears, one of the most active and interesting upcoming artists of the Berlin underground.

ST.MIX.20 Tracklist

Yem Gel – Salviæ (ii)
Viancy’s Attic – Gods Favorite
Yem Gel – Thaumaturgist Plexus
DJ Charme – Naade
jjjacob – Heart Failure
Kareem Lotfy – Oranjeline
Bénédicte – Glass Test
0comeups – With Light You Lead Me
7038634357 – AEON (703 Braid for Dasychira)
Galen Tipton – Your Guts In My Hands ft. Jade Fawn & Diana Starshine
Oklou – God’s Chariots (Basile3 Lost Club Mix)
Oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star – Airdrops
BFTT – My Mind Like Explosions
Sky H1 – Air
DJ Lostboi – D Xo Torus Llif3 (Torus remix)
HAJJ – The World Is Ending And We Aren’t 2gether
Nunu x Kyrstyn Pyxton – Never Alone
Titan – My Sword
Yem Gel – Salviæ (i)
Asio Otus – Spring
Ytem – Eco
Alex Compton – Sensation Riddim
YPX – Empathic Telecoms
IVVVO – Blade
Torus – Labyrinth (Water mix)
Dasychira – Umbreon ft. Malibu
Yem Gel – Crocusscape
Arca – @@@@@
Ouri – Trance Parent
Torus – Descend In Chains
Alex Compton – Untitled
Diego V Navarro – Voyage
Salt Pillar – Self-care
Oneohtrix Point Never – Trance 1
Sky H1 & Ssaliva – Dooms
Emily Glass – Snowdream
Wa?ste & Ptwiggs – Moth
Lanark Artefax – Flickering Debris
Know V.A. – Reification

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