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SF.MIX.25 – Antonia XM

Epic new mix by Viennese superstar Antonia XM


SF.MIX.25 Tracklist

7038634357 – Sickle Sheen (Arms Open)
Tinashe – Keep Your Eyes On The Road (Intro)
Private Grief – Red Spider Lily
Para – By the Culvert
Ulwhednar – Arke fiene
Soho Rezanejad – The Idealist ft. SKY H1
IMIMP – Prologos
Ansgar – Duo Allemand
Palmistry – harp stereo
Sineraw – JU&M
Fraxinus – The Resistor
asvanycore – Usiel’s bell
Fatshaudi – I Got You

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Last modified: April 5, 2022