8 Albums To Listen To In November: From Bjork to Godflesh

Cover with bibio, bjork and godflesh

We have selected the best upcoming albums in November, check out our list below. You can also listen to our playlists on Spotify (nick: soulfeederofficial) with the best tracks of the year here. If you are a electronic music lover we have an electronic one too (here).

Björk – Utopia

Cover album of Utopia

Veteran Art Pop Electronica sensation Björk announced her new album Utopia back in August, and released the lead single “The Gate” September 15th. She has called the new record her “Tinder album,” in stark  contrast to her last, Vulnicura, a breakup album. But like Vulnicura, Utopia will be produced by Arca—this time in collaboration with Experimental Grime producer RabitUtopia will be released on the 24th of November.

Listen to “The Gate” here:

Baths – Romaplasm

LA Electronic producer Will Wiesenfeld will release his second album of 2017 in November, this time as his primary nom de plume, Baths. Wiesenfeld came into the public eye back in 2010 with Cerulean and attained widespread critical acclaim with his sophomore album Obsidian. Wiesenfeld has said that his third album as Baths, Romaplasm, will see him exploring more eccentric themes, like his love of anime. Romaplast will be release on the 17th of November.

Listen to “Yeoman” here:

Bibio ­– Phantom Brickworks

Cover Alvum of Phantom Brickworks

The constantly experimenting Warp mainstay Bibio will release his eighth album on November 3rd. Phantom Brickworks will shift his sound from the breezy, sun-kissed AM R&B of 2015’s A Mineral Love into complete piano minimalism in what looks to be the British musician’s most ambient album since his debut, fi, for Mush Records back in 2005. Phantom Brickworks will be released on the 3rd of November. Listen to “Phantom Brickworks III” here:


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Converge – The Dust in Us

Cover album of "The Dust in Us"

Massachusetts Mathcore band Converge will release their first album in five years, The Dust in Us in early November. The album has been framed by the band’s frontman Jacob Bannon as “emotional reaction to the complex world in which we live.” The album looks like it will feature longer, more developed songs for the band, with the same relentless energy fans have come to expect. The Dust in Us will be released on the 3rd of November.

Listen to “I Can Tell You About Pain” here:

Rabit – Les Fleurs Du Mal

Eric Burton’s debut album as Rabit, Communion, found its place on many year-end lists back in 2015, and now his second effort, Les Fleurs Du Mal is coming out this November. The Houston Grime artist’s ruinously dark atonal sensibilities made for a disruptive listening experience on his first album, but his second seems to lean more to the melodic side of experimental electronic. Les Fleurs Du Mal 

Listen to “Bleached World” here:

Godflesh – Post Self

Cover album of Post Self

Justin Broadrick’s classic Industrial Metal group Godflesh came back from an extended hiatus in 2014 with the devastating A World Lit Only By Fire. With that album, Broadrick proved his project’s staying power—we anticipate that Post Self will continue to show how relevant Godflesh can be in 2017. Post Self will be released on the 24th of November.

[no released music from this as of yet]


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Mavis Staples – If All I Was Was Black

Cover of If All I Was Was Black

Mavis Staples’ 16th album, If All I Was Was Black, has ten songs written by Jeff Tweedy (three of which are co-written with Staples), all performed by Staples in her classic soul style. Tweedy, best known as the frontman for Wilco, has also produced and recorded the album, and is even featured on one track. If All I Was Was Black will be released on the 17th of November.

Listen to “If All I Was Was Black” here:

Sleigh Bells – Kid Kruschev

Cover Album of Kid Kruschev

Brooklyn Noise Pop band Sleigh Bells will release their new mini-album Kid Kruschev on November 10th. In 2010, their debut Treats rewrote the possibilities of contemporary Noise Pop and anticipated further Indie Pop spaces explored by similar acts like Grimes and Warpaint. Since then the band has moved through several different styles, honing in their songwriting without losing their exciting and original sound. Kid Kruschev will be released on the 10th of November.

Listen to “And Saints” here:

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