The best 11 albums you can listen to in June: from Aphex Twin to Sufjan Stevens

Summer is here and it’s holiday time for many of us. Everyone starts to have more time to listen to music (while studying and working or while at the beach) and it’s also a hot time for new record releases, so we’ve decided to help you find the best new albums of the moment in the fastest possible way. Here’s a list of some of the records we loved the most or that we are busting to hear in June.

You can also listen to our playlists on Spotify (nick: soulfeederofficial) with the best tracks of the year here. If you are a electronic music lover we have an electronic one too (here).

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & James McAlister – Planetarium


If you’re reading this it’s going to be very hard that you are not a Sufjan Stevens or The National fan already so you were probably already waiting for this release before getting here. Those two fellows (Sufjan and Bryce) teamed up with Nico Muhly and James McAlister built up a huge hype behind this release and for what we’ve heard so far the record definitely deserved it. The album was preceded by the amazing single “Mercury” and came out the 9th of June, catch up with it!

Fleet Foxes – Crack up

A band that has been able to build up a very solid fan base in time starting from their widely acclaimed debut album back in 2008. The album comes out the 16th of June but it’s already leaked on the web and many listeners are already starting to claim that it might be their best release ever. We can’t say that yet but it’s definitely an album you can’t miss.

Floating Points – Reflections – Mojave Desert

Samuel T Shepherd hasn’t been around for an extremely long time but has already demonstrated the world that he’s definitely got a lot of talent. Especially thanks to his record “Elaenia” released back in 2015 many he was able to tour widely and build a solid following. He definitely convinced us and can’t wait to hear this new release by him the 30th of June.

Aphex Twin – London 03.06.17

Sold as a limited edition only at London’s Field Day festival on the 3rd of June this mysterious and unannounced release by the legendary producer has given a lot to talk about in the music world. A countdown ending in July also appeared on his website and it’s still unclear if on that day it will have a follow up or if it will be eventually be officially released then. We’ll wait and see. If this is only a small taste of what we’re going to get well Aphex Twin is definitely more alive than we could have thought only a couple of months ago.

Laurel Halo – Dust


Born in the USA and now based in Berlin Laurel Halo is one of the hottest names in the electronic scene at the moment. Currently releasing music for legendary Hyperdub Records founded by Kode9, she’s been putting out a solid record after the other for now more than 5 years. The record comes out the 23rd of June but has already leaked online a long time ago, check her out if you haven’t yet. This release is a little less experimental than her previous works and can be a good starting point to get into her.

The Drums – Abysmal Thoughts


Extremely popular in the early 2010s The Drums have released three records up to date, losing quality a record after the other according to many of their fans and us. Their last release “Encyclopedia” in 2014 was definitely their worst album up to date and even though it had some really catchy tracks the whole record didn’t last on us for long. This said we are still hoping they might be able to surprise us; the great tunes they were able to gift us in the past are proof of their undeniable talent. Fingers crossed and lets see how Abysmal Thoughts turns out to be on the 16th of June.

Com Truise – Iteration

Com Truise is an iconic name in the Synthwave scene and has been able to confirm his position time after time thanks to extremely powerful tunes more than amazingly solid records. His next album is scheduled for the 16th of June and was preceded by the single “Propagation” that wasn’t as breathtaking as his best past tracks but it might gain more sense together with the rest of the album. Let’s hope, we might be repaid.

Beach Fossils – Somersault


Easy and simple on this one: Got a holiday planned? Make sure you bring this record with you. Released on the 2nd of June it’s already considered by many the best release by the Brooklyn based band and the most often adjectives used used to describe it are: “calm”, “warm” and “soothing”. This said “Somersault” is definitely worth a listen, it might end up making your summer memorable.

Phoenix – Ti Amo

The French band has been around for 20 years now and doesn’t seem intentioned to end up their career any soon. Loved by many and hated by others one thing is sure when talking about Phoenix: it’s been a hell of a ride for them. Literally exploding in popularity with their 2009 release “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” they’ve seen a bit out of shape since then but this new release seems to have lifted up the quality of their music once again and fans are definitely digging it around the web. Released on the 9th of June it’s already available anywhere you like!

Ride – Weather Diaries

It’s a moment of comebacks especially in the Shoegaze scene. After the reunion of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, Ride are back too and it’s been almost 20 years since their latest release, who knows what they are going to make us hear! Time to get excited for them, find some free time on the 16th of June.

Kevin Morby – City Music


Kevin Morby is one of the most prolific singer/songwriter of the moment. Based in the USA he’s released 4 records since 2013. He’s latest release comes out the 16th of June but is already available on the web if you know where to search for it. A solid record not only for Folk fans.

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