10 albums to listen to in July: From Mura Masa to Arcade Fire

June has been a great month, we’ve enjoyed many new releases from many of our favorite artists and also got a lot of surprises we didn’t expect. We went through a deep analysis of Aphex Twin‘s Field Day release, Fleet Foxescomeback and many others but it’s time to look ahead. Time flies and a bunch of new incredibly promising releases are upcoming. We’re sure you don’t want to be left behind! To help all of you find your own way through the colossal number of new releases coming out every day we’ve selected 10 records coming out in July that you absolutely can’t miss. Here we go.

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Broken Social Scene – Hug Of Thunder

Broken Social Scene is one of the best acts to ever come out of Canada. The collective developed in a cult in the internet age and albums like “You Forgot It in People” are now considered classics of the early 2000s. The band hasn’t released new music since 2010 and everyone is curious to see how their sound has developed after all these years. The singles that have already come out (“Halfway Home“, “Hug of Thunder“, “Skyline“) are definitely helping to build up the hype. You’ll be able to find the album from the 7th of July, save the date.

Haim – Something To Tell You

Haim is an all girls pop rock band from California that got a lot of attention and coverage back in 2013 thanks to their great debut album “Days Are Gone“. Their fresh and colourful sound perfectly fits summer holidays and if you’re looking for a good record to bring with you to the beach we’re pretty sure you can count on them. Only book your vacation after the 7th of July though otherwise it won’t be out yet.

Melvins – A Walk With Love And Death

Punk, Metal, Sludge, Hard Rock, Stoner, Noise Rock, the band has literally been through a thousand phases always maintaining their original and unmistakable sound. Buzz Osbourne is considered one of the fathers of all alternative heavy music and even though the band has never gone mainstream it always deeply influenced the scene. Melvins have released two albums last year and have constantly been present and super active since the late 80s but it’s always a pleasure to hear new music from such a legendary name.

Toro Y Moi – Boo Boo

Fresh summer vibes condensed, this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Toro Y Moi. Even though the young producer has been through a great number of different styles (from trap to chillwave) one thing is for sure, Chaz has always been able to entertain us with extremely bouncy and incredibly pleasurable popish tunes, we’re sure that this record won’t disappoint you.

Neil Young – Hitchhiker

Neil Young is simply a legend. One of the greatest songwriters of all times, nothing more, nothing less. A new collection of unreleased acoustic songs dated 1976, in the middle of his golden age, can’t possibly be anything less than amazing. All tracks were recorded in one mythical night where he reportedly only paused the session for “weed, beer, or coke”! The material was never released up to now. We’re obviously busting to hear it and feel part of the magic that went on back then.

Waxahatchee – Out In The Storm

The secret of music is often keeping things simple and singer/songwriter Waxahatchee is a master in doing so. Angelic voice, a soft guitar and just a couple of drops of light synthesisers, here’s the secret of her formula. Sounds easy but it isn’t. With her last two records Katie casted a spell on us and we’re pretty sure that this new record will be another great companion. Can’t wait for the 14th of July to come to enjoy another great chapter from her.

Mura Masa – Mura Masa

With already a good number of bomb tracks in his portfolio Mura Masa is one of the most promising electronic producers around. He definitely passed the EP test two years ago with his lovely “Someday Somewhere” but he’s never released a Full Lenght yet. Alex is definitely a more track-measure oriented artist and we’re not quite sure how the record will work in it’s entirety but one thing is for sure, the release will definitely be full of bangers and that’s already more than enough for us.

Avey Tare – Eucalyptus

The amazingly talented singer from Animal Collective goes solo again. We’ve got to say he hasn’t really satisfied us much with most of his material from his latest album “Down There” back in 2010 up to now, but when talking about such experimental and forward thinking music false steps are definitely forgivable. We’ve already had a hint of what this release will sound like and everything is as trippy as it can get, like listening to pop songs played on a guitar under acids. Nothing bad about that at all!

Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life

We all secretly love more mainstream artists and we’re pretty sure there are many of you out there that secretly listen to Lana Del Rey, especially on chill summer nights. We do too so don’t worry. The name is huge, the radio will blast these songs over and over again until you’ll be completely saturated by them them but it’s definitely going to be fun -for a while-. We would be lying to you if we told you we weren’t curious to hear what she (and her team of producers) got ready for us this time.

Arcade Fire – Everything Now

One of the biggest names of the indie scene. Can they still be considered indie? This might be the last time we don’t refer to Arcade Fire as a super Mainstream act like Coldplay or others. The singles that the band has already shared off this released definitely underline a strongly pop oriented direction and calling Daft Punk to produce it can’t do anything but confirm it. We’ll wait and see. Many fans seem everything but optimistic towards this work, but it’s impossible not to get hyped for the release of a new record from one of the bands that gave us some of the best music of the last 20 years.

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