The best 6 albums out today: Brockhampton, The War on Drugs, EMA, more

cover album of the best albums out today

After a calmer part of the year a lot of great new albums have been released today, check out our favourite ones below. And by the way: if you were interested in Susanne Sundfør’s new album Music for People in Trouble, the record was supposed to be released today but it was unfortunately postponed to the 8th of September.

Brockhampton – Saturation II

Cover of Brockhampton's new album Saturation 2

After the release of Saturation back in June, today Brockhampton have released its follow up called Saturation II and a third album is awaited for the end of the year, as founder Kevin Abstract hinted on Twitter. From their very first release the band demonstrated the music scene that they definitely are one of of the greatest contemporary collectives around and that they are able to produce some of the music of the year. We are sure that they will be able to keep up their level once again. Check out the official videos for ‘GUMMY‘, ‘SWAMP‘ and JUNKY‘.

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Saturation 2 Tracklist:


EMA – Exile in the Outer Ring

Cover of EMA's new album Exile in the Outer Ring

Today EMA has shared the follow-up to her 2014’s The Future’s Void. Her experimental sounds mixed with punk and noise rock drew a lot of attention among her works, especially for her deceptive hints at pop styles. Exile in the Outer Ring will surely keep the boredom away. Check out the official video for ‘Breathanalyzer, ‘Down and Out‘ and Blood and Chalk‘.

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Exile in the Outer Ring Tracklist:

01. 7 Years
02. Breathalyzer
03. I Wanna Destroy
04. Blood and Chalk
05. Down and Out
06. Fire Water Air LSD
07. Aryan Nation
08. 33 Nihilistic and Female
09. Receive Love
10. Always Bleeds
11. Where The Darkness Began

Liars – TFCF

Today Liars released the follow-up to their 2014’s Mess. It is impossible to predict what they have reserved for us since their works have always been unpredictable. To be honest it is really hard to say what kind of music will be on TFCF, except the fact that another new crazy experimentation is surely on its way. The album cover says it all.

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TFCF Tracklist:
01. The Grand Delusional
02. Cliché Suite
03. Staring At Zero
04. No Help Pamphlet
05. Face To Face With My Face
06. Emblems Of Another Story
07. No Tree No Branch
08. Cred Woes
09. Coins In My Caged Fist
10. Ripe Ripe Rot
11. Crying Fountain



Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

Cover of QOTSA's new album Villains

Queens of the Stone Age finally released their follow-up to 2014’s Like Clockwork. The album was preceded by two tracks ‘The Way You Used to Do‘ and ‘The Evil Has Landed‘ and from their very first listen it’s clear that the band has definitely left Stoner Rock behind forever moving towards a more pop sound.  The album is produced by Mark Ronson at his very first experience in this a role. All of this will make Villains a big novelty for sure!

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Villains Tracklist:
01. Feet Don’t Fail Me
02. The Way You Used to Do
03.Domesticated Animals
05.Head Like a Haunted House
06.Un-Reborn Again
08.The Evil Has Landed
09.Villains of Circumstance

The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

Cover of The War on Drugs' new album A Deeper Understanding cover

The follow up to 2014’s Lost in the Dream is finally here! The War on Drugs have already released four of the 10 tracks of A Deeper UnderstandingAnalyzing them it’s really hard to think that the band will add new elements to their style with this release, more likely they will continue to follow their classic folk-rock style strongly-influenced by artists such as Bruce Springsteen. Let’s see what they’ve prepared for us! Check the official video for Holding On‘, ‘Strangest Thing and ‘Pain‘.

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A Deeper Understanding:

 01. Up All Night
02. Pain
03. Holding On
04. Strangest Thing
05. Knocked Down
06. Nothing to Find
07. Thinking of a Place
08. In Chains
09. Clean Living
10. You Don’t Have to Go

Oh Sees – Orc

Cover of Three Oh Sees' Orc

American garage rock band Oh Sees formely known as Thee Oh Sees also released a new album today and they’ve named it Orc in perfect combination with its cover. The band has always been influenced by a strong psychedelic component which become stronger in their latest releases. The two track that preceded the album don’t suggest any sudden change of style.

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Orc Tracklist:
01. The Static God
02. Nite Expo
03. Animated Violence
04. Keys To The Castle
05. Jettison
06. Cadaver Dog
07. Paranoise
08. Cooling Tower
09. Drowned Beast
10. Raw Optics

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