ANOHNI Will Not Officially Release The Last Track Of “PARADISE”

Two days before the release of his new album “PARADISEAnohni has announced he will release seven of the eight songs on his new EP. The last one is titled “I NEVER STOPPED LOVING YOU,”and it will receive a special release: if you want to receive it you have to email the artist at and “share with him in a sentence or two what you care most about, or your hopes for the future. Send this to me instead of the dollar you used to send me in the olden days. The price for this song is a gesture of anonymous vulnerability. That may be too expensive for some of you, and that’s okay.”

He added: “I will respond in kind, by sending you my final song from this series, one which represents some of my better thinking. Please listen to it within the album sequence as the 8th song of PARADISE.”


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