Oneohtrix Point Never shares pictures in studio with FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs & OPN
FKA Twigs & OPN

Oneohtrix Point Never and FKA Twigs continue teasing a future collaboration together through Daniel’s Instragram profile. Lopatin has shared two pictures of FKA Twigs, first behind a keyboard and monitor, and second standing up, apparently singing or in some sort of meditation state. The caption says it all: “clear the fuck out #producerproducing”. Oneohtrix Point Never seems like he has endless energies at the moment, working with countless artists and projects all together, from Iggy Pop to David Byrne. All of his recent material sound like he is in a real state of grace. We can’t wait to hear how his work can combine with FKA Twigs’ overflowing talent, especially after his great pop shift back with the Anohni project

Check out the pictures below:

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