Soul Feeder Announces New Booking Platform “SF Connect”

Emerging artists often find a massive amount of obstacles during their artistic growth and one of the most common ones is certainly the limited opportunities to play shows at venues and events. In the past months, many producers got in contact with us expressing their struggle and we decided to try and find a solution. The entire Soul Feeder project is based on the value of coming together into an open community and our first mission was and actually is to try to simplify the entire process of releasing music through an accessible worldwide collective. The project and our values evolved in time with the creation of our Facebook group “Electronic avantgardeposting”, which we are using to fully promote and help underappreciated artists. After months of work, we decided that the best thing we could do was to launch our own booking platform called “SF Connect” with the aim of helping underground artists to find gigs in Europe (and hopefully worldwide one day).


From now ’til the 20th of April we’ll be accepting applications to the program and during this time we’ll pick the most suitable artists for the platform. Once we got a roster to work with we’ll get in contact with the most suitable European promoters to try and set as many shows as possible. If the whole thing goes as we wish it will, we’ll then open a new cycle with new artists. Together with this, we’ll try to book artists that apply to the program to our series of events which we are currently working on in Italy called INDEX. Our aim is to extend the format all over Europe and give artists more opportunities.

You can apply below (or directly from here).

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