Soul Feeder x bugles 3D with t0ni, DJ GHEPARD, DJ Hristos, Guillem Sarrià (VALENCIA)

Soul Feeder is happy to announce its very first showcase in Valencia hosted by Guillem Sarrià’s event series “bugles 3D” at Electropura featuring some of the core members of our collective.

Guillem Sarrià


Flyer by Guillem Sarrià

No sexism, no racism, no transphobia, no homophobia, no slut-shaming. Don’t assume anyones pronouns (she/he/they/it +) and always ask first. Please don’t get too intoxicated and know your limits. Absolutely no touching without consent and remember no means NO. If you see or experience any kind of toxic behavior, please let us know, we are here for you. Our awareness team is going to be available all night long.

We also highly encourage everyone reading this to donate in support of the Ukrainian people in this difficult time, a stand for donations is going to be set up at the party.

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