The Best Electronic Music From Soundcloud – March 2018

Best tracks from Soundcloud - March 2018 cover

Following our playlist of the best Soundcloud tracks of February, we are finally back with a new one. With the help of our electronic music Facebook community, we can keep track of a wide range of styles and trends all around the world.

March has been an intensive month which made our selection really hard. Our early playlist counted over 30 tracks! The release of two amazing NON-WORLDWIDE compilations brought a lot of meat to the fire and we had to study it carefully in order to choose which one could be considered the best songs off it. At the end our subjective criteria won against the objective one and we choose Chebr Design by BOY from the first part and Replica Riddim by Yayoyanoh & Organ from the second one.

The majestic and powerfull bassline of Chebr Design will bring you in the best clubs worldwide, with a catchy arabic vocal the track carries an irresistible rhythm in the air. The song has some strange magic effect inside, despite its 5 minutes of repetitive kicks it sounds fresh for the whole time. If you love clubbing it will get you mad!

Replica Riddim” enchanted us for its maximalism in the layering, starting from a hilarious metal riff the track turns itself into a beautiful experimental dancehall tune in a really inspired and funny progression. We found it really really interesting and definitely wanted it to be part of the comp.

But this is just a taste of what you can find, we got in love with the rework of Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” by ANTONIA XM and R1ZOM4 and with the return of Italian producer VIPRA, as well as Aïsha Devi’s dreamy “Inner State Of Alchemy.” Unfortunately Soundcloud is missing a lot of tracks, you can find other bangers on our Spotify Playlist.

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