Listen to Eaposting 2, The Second Compilation From Electronic Avantgardeposting Community

Eaposting 2 cover image

Following the release of Eaposting 1, we are proud to announce the second compilation from our Electronic Avantgardeposting Facebook group.

Eaposting 2 is the result of the passion and the work of our intense and passionate online community. The concept behind our music is to always push boundaries in search of new sonic concepts trying to open our mind to new solutions without strictly binding to one specific genre. All of this in the sake of revamping the electronic music scene in its whole with new under-appreciated artists. The compilation is released in free download.


2 giek_1 – Lost In Reality
3 SW grim – Paper/Cell
4 L O S C I – Dungeon Stars
5 t0ni – Flyfox (feat. Saschallocter)
6 Vito Gatto – Ambergris
7 ABENÇOADA – Jaywalking (Ad Libitum)
8 krolik – never want to lose you again
9 Morgan Abend – Wie?
10 lc – Omelette

Listen to Eaposting 2 below:



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