Listen to Alec Pace’s “還在後面 (afterworld is still to come)”

Alec Pace

We recently got in contact with Alec Pace, a producer, dj and sound designer, based between Turin and London where he produced and recorded his debut EP ‘the30th’ released this January 2018 via Barcelona based label xenonyms, which will release a new compilation called GRAFTS (KA’AN) on Thursday 19th April.

GRAFTS (KA’AN) is a collection of 14 tracks that navigate a variety of genres that “attempt to guide the listener through the internal and external chaos that each of us experience in different aspects of our day to day lives.” Today we present you a special premiere with Alec Pace’s “還在後面 (afterworld is still to come),” in which Alec explores a brand new club sound, moving away from the urban style he probed in his previous EP.

Alec’s urban and strongly rooted electronic dance music always develops interestingly and always sounds extremely inspired. Even if the track is strongly influenced by techno and house beats, Alec mixes a multi-layered sound able to build a strong personal identity. The sound design is not merely focused on beats and melodies but on an overlapping of Chinese spoken samples and fizzy synths, which move the track away from the clubbing environment on which it was built.

Listen to “還在後面 (afterworld is still to come)” below: