[Premiere] фанкшн – Ворпер

Фанкшн follows up his excellent debut with a much darker work that is still hyper AF. Inspired by the childhood memory of his granddad saying “I’ll shake your soul out of you” and tech dystopias, this release is highly recommended for fans of Ripatti, Jlin, Amnesia Scanner, and outer edges of dnb and EDM.

If «Калькулэйтид Тантрум» (Russian translit for “Calculated Tantrum”), released in February, 2021, felt like an ode to the drum’n’bass continuum, «Флюгер» (translates “weather vane”) puts more focus on footwork- and juke-influenced rhythms but not losing the amen breaks. The album is dedicated to death, especially when it touches one’s relatives and close ones, as well as the current state of “the tech revolution”. As you can hear, Фанкшн doesn’t seem to be very hopeful.

Фанкшн doesn’t shy away from messing with the sound of the early twenty-tens EDM, as well as borrowing freely from the stadium dnb praxis, and these influences inject his quite experimental productions with a certain urgency that makes them highly functional on the dancefloor (test-driven and approved in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and fun. Don’t miss a chance to hear this on a proper soundsystem.

Listen to Ворпер:

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