[Premiere] Amazon Prim & political_noize – Windows View

The Turin-based non-profit organization, media website, and event series PAYNOMINDTOUS adds yet another piece to its steady path in the exploration of unsafe sound territories which has seen it tirelessly support experimental underground music. ‘We Never Will‘ is the first compilation curated by the Italian crew, out in name-your-price digital format with a graphic concept and purchasable 50 x 70 cm poster by the 3D digital marauders K095C.

All proceedings (except the poster shipping) will be donated to B-Side Pride for their support fund to help the LGBTQIA+ community of refugees, asylum seekers, and sex workers to cope with the post-COVID delicate situation. For details and further contributions: sostieni.link/25350.

‘We Never Will’ gathers 27 tracks and 31 producers stemming from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and the US who have been involved along the way in the PAYNOMINDTOUS saga. The compilation captures a still of the contemporary electronic scene thriving in URL and IRL communities all over the world. In the rich selection, sound-art and abstract laptop music meet aggressive genres such as hardcore, drum and bass, and trap, dissolving limits into pools of hybrid sounds, rhythms, and influences.

We have the pleasure to premiere one of the tracks from the compilation born from the collaboration between Amazon Prim and political_noize. Amazon Prim is the moniker of Juana Bel, DJ / producer from Brasilia. Affiliated with Club Tormenta, her mixes appeared on pivotal labels like Jerome and Salviatek. Her blend of baile funk, neoperreo, hardcore bass, and obscure pop music is a testament of her attempts to investigate the notion of identity in a hyper-connected yet fragmented society. Political_noize is a producer affilited with the Bolognese crew XIcasa who plays with sounds, pushes buttons, and turns knobs to fight his obsessive-compulsive disorder. He dwells in broken rhythms, gabber Hoover (to get used to the hair loss) and fat basses.

Listen to Windows View:

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