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[Premiere] Aperly High – Work Gel

Aperly High is producer and singer Albert Aagaard Hertz, who makes alternative pop as full of longing and celebration of the extremes of the spectrum of feelings as it is melodic hooks.

Aperly High’s music is both thematically and melodically enamored with adolescence – the way feelings feel when they’re felt for the first time and the way time contracts and expands to accommodate it. First love, first heartbreak. It’s for teenagers not to feel alone and for adults to remember what feelings are all about.

His music can feel like a futuristic mix of Blink-182 and Charli XCX, moving in and out of references, styles and sonic spaces, where pop-punk’s melodic tendencies are flung together with avant-garde electronica’s sense of play with rhythm and texture.

His debut album, Cat’s-paw, will be released via The Big Oil Recording Company (Debbie Sings, Atusji, Blikfang) and Petrola 80 (Lyra Valenza, Senso, Minais B) in February 2023.


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Last modified: February 6, 2023