[Premiere] Basura – Elysium

After launching his new label katharsis with a 30 track compilation trilogy featuring a big range of artists from all across the globe, jjjacob carries on with his own music by releasing the 6-track EP Mythos under his alternative moniker Basura on the label. The EP will be released on September 10th with premieres coming out on AQNB, Soul Feeder and Ma3azef the previous weeks.

With katharsis, jjjacob has set out to explore how we as humans find emotional cleansing in music, which was showcased thoroughly on the compilation trilogy by thematizing the affective value of the basic elements: The Flow of Water, The Burn of Fire and The Breath of Air. The fourth element of earth seems to be missing, but this is exactly what Mythos tries to deal with by submerging in the ancient mythologies of humans on earth.

On Mythos, Basura sends us on a range of spiritual journeys through the archaic stories of past civilizations. With heavy use of granular synthesis, odd time signatures and clusters of obscure samples, the EP takes us through landscapes of death, scriptures of mysticism and sagas of our souls. The grandiose melodies of jjjacob are to be found on some of the tracks, but as Basura he covers them in strange textures and murky drums. Dive into Basura’s musical tales of sorcerous seeresses, prehistoric rituals and underworldly atmospheres. Pre-order Mythos HERE.

Listen to Elysium:


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