[Premiere] BEAN – No is No

The BRUTE EP deals with the subject of brutality, emotional pressure in connection with tenderness. This is packed into different emotional song types and shows a section in the artist’s life. It’s important that these songs serve as a valve, it’s about the interplay of pressure and relief being able to show a very varied picture. In combination with strong and powerful songs, the artist shows relieving and playful songs. BEAN wants to show with this EP that he cannot and does not want to commit himself. He opens up to the listeners but wants to make room for the listeners to project their own emotions onto the songs.

Pre-Order: https://beani.bandcamp.com/album/brute

In this EP, the artist shows his full voice image in ballad-like songs up to strong loud vocals for the first time.
Written, performed, produced by BEAN
Cover by : Lex Olsen
Graphic by : John Haag
Mastered by Kai Whiston & BEAN

Listen to No is No:

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