[Premiere] BLEID – Make It Stop (Aggression Loop)

Make It Stop (Aggression Loop) is the first outstanding track from ‘Chrysalis’, BLEID‘S upcoming EP out for Ashida Park on the 15th of December. “Chrysalis (Pain Over Pleasure)” is a collection of tracks the Lisbon based producer & DJ BLEID started to assemble at the beginning of 2019. The five original tracks are defined by a mixture of minimalistic club music and sound aesthetics defined and redefined by various internet and Soundcloud communities. With Ashida Park’s musical output in mind, BLEID approached the creation and completion of her EP to add her own flavour to the label’s catalogue.

The original tracks were produced during rather hard times, and represent the ongoing struggle of trying not to fight against the pain but also not to run from it, instead rolling with it, embracing it and seeing where it will lead and shape us.

Listen to Make It Stop (Aggression Loop) below:

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