[Premiere] BOLT RUIN – Obriultn

BOLT RUIN shredded his entire self-titled debut to pieces and constructed a new composition out of the debris. This resulted in title-track Obriultn, containing only sampled elements from all six tracks of the aforementioned album. “I like to set limitations inside my production process to challenge myself. Can I create something that feels new to me by only allowing the reconstruction of my old ideas?” he explains.

In the same manner, he invited five artists to let their inspiring approach to destructive sound-design crash with his source material. These processes went much further than classic remixes and resulted in six completely new productions by Obsequies, Piano Princess aka bod [包家 巷], Fausto Mercier, Julek Ploski and Siavash Amini.

Pre-order the compilation at: https://boltruin.bandcamp.com/album/obriultn

Listen to the title track Obriultn:

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