[Premiere] Bungalovv – Vuelta En Falso

Sacrilejio Records introduces “Expiation“, the 14-track debut compilation which features 16 artists. These artists descontruct traditional latinx music combinating with electronic sounds and tools.
“Expiation”, which was inspired by mistycal thinking and popular devotional culture from our Sacrilejio members, shows an original act of extinguishing mortal sins and danger vibes in our souls through music, like tools or objects that can discipline our encrypted and non-purified lives. Connecting our broken relationships with our spirits is gonna be the solution to obtain forgiveness. Pre-order Expiation HERE.

The track by Bungalovv was born from several nightmares and dreams the producer had just after moving to Berlin and are connected to the reading of Mariana Enriquez and her horror books. At the time it was the middle of winter, the days were very dark aand cold and the context fitted perfectly. Bungalovv had a recurring dream in which he appeared in the middle of aa huge field at night. Nothing but a fire in the distance and everything illuminated by a white moonlight thaat didn’t exist. He knew somehow that there were presences straategically surrounding him and playin games at him but he couldn’t understand if they were farm or field field animals or other beings. He had this dreaam thre or four times during the days he was working on this track.

Listen to Vuelta En Falso:

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