[Premiere] Core Self – Valley Dolls

After two excellent post-club EPs, the Sydney-based artist known as Core Self (fka ZEFGIRLCLUB) is back with Elisabetta, a brand-new collection of hard-hitting, meditative tracks. 

Out on the 17th of September via the Wien label Ashida Park, this five-track body of work detaches itself from the maximalist tropes of deconstructed club per se, and explores a much more essential, post-industrial vibe. 

In “Valley Dolls”, for instance, Core Self’s hypnotic spoken voice surfs over the ruthlessly bashing beats rather than fighting with them, like the sky over a post-apocalyptic city, inhabited only but a few surviving sounds: tiny yet ear-piercing metallic percussions, screaming voices and fainting abrasive textures. As her words move somehow both smoothly and fast between your ears, creating an eerie sense of intimacy,  you feel immersed (or maybe dragged) in the otherworldly soundscape she’s creating. 

Pre-Order Elisabetta HERE.

Listen to “Valley Dolls”: 


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