[Premiere] My Cruelty – My Secret Weapon

My Secret Weapon is the first single from My Cruelty‘s upcoming album The Secret Weapon (GEN040) out for Genot Centre on the 19th of April. The record is a tapestry of ambiguous harmony, rolling synth stabs and sparse, syncopated drum patterns. With endless and never tiring reinforcement, slow – or phantom? – template shifts undergo sudden phase transitions: icy house piano phrases undergo a process of mini counterpoint, later on even complemented by acidic permutations. As the boundaries between tracks dissolve, a dance floor ready scintillating grid illusion unveils itself.

My Cruelty’s music is the expression of an incredible array of influences coming not only from the musical world going from Jean Cocteau to Bjork and is able to build up a uniquely hypnotic sound made of emotions and feelings.
Pre-order the album here: https://genot.bandcamp.com/album/the-secret-weapon

Listen to My Secret Weapon:

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