[Premiere] Debt Stalker – False Stiletto

We believe that the future is in what lies ahead, though we may actually find it in the past.” Following this notion, Debt Stalker embarks on a tour de force through the broken labyrinths of a dogma-tinged childhood, while confronting the many risks of pleasure, self-determination, and sex. The result is a fierce record, where an industrial atmosphere and latin rhythms give way to violent twists and intimidating samples (while maintaining the sarcasm quota of the Hiedrah catalog). Pre-order the EP on HiedraH Club de Baile’s Bandcamp: https://hiedrah.bandcamp.com/album/endurance-test .

Like Christ on the Cross, Debt Stalker surrenders in martyrdom to this clinical trial with the spirit of reparation and a taste for gay vengeance. If the future was always in the past, this record grants Debt Stalker the steady pace to chart a new detour with the understanding of their own resilience.

Listen to False Stiletto:

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