[Premiere] Diana Azzuz – Pathos

Diana Azzuz’s first solo installment on Standard Deviation is the artist’s initial connection to electronic club sounds and presents a subtle transformation within her artistic practice. Through her mostly conceptual approach, Azzuz seeks to challenge notions of sound explicitly by disobeying common expectations and preconceptions. The EP is called ”Anastrophe”, a fitting title describing rearrangement as a strategy to create sound.  

The Video shot for the second track ”Recursive Gesture” revolves around the idea of metamorphosis in the modern world, highlighting unpredictable, unidentifiable aspects of human ways of thinking within the so dominantly emerging cross-virtual world. Azzuz wants to present the limitations of human preconceptions in the virtual age of uncertainty and fluidity. As the artist describes, ”why are things perceived to be fixed and certain and how can I communicate and articulate this contingency?”, Azzuz draws on different tools like AI in her work, visually depicting a fluid state of self-modulation, morphosis within time and space, aiming to emphasize the fundamental ambiguity within our lives.

While ”A Very Touchy Spot”, the first track of the EP is a subtle and mysterious entry into Azzuz’ world of sounds, using ambient textures combined with classical drum elements, ”Recursive Gesture” tries to escape this initial idea towards influences of Grime, Bass and contemporary forms of Dubstep creating a powerful bass roller. ”Pathos”, the last track on the EP, is a heavy hitting roundup taking on modern club sounds, using elements of Gabber, Trance and Hardcore. Inherent to all tracks, a rather dark mood carries the tracks and embeds them into a coherent ambiguous feeling of unpredictability, uncertainty and fluidity. 

The EP get’s supported with remixes from M.E.S.H., who’s contributing with a new Alias ”eea” (Extreme Energy Availability) on ”Recursive Gesture”. Cologne based musician Swan Meat rounds it up, taking a shot on ”Pathos”. 

Listen to Pathos:

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